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WiredTree brings in the latest innovations in server solutions with upgraded hardware and software opportunities.

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WiredTree is a dedicated, VPS and hybrid server provider that has successfully implemented the latest softwares on the market at a high capacity. The company offers effective software and hardware solutions to keep your websites running smoothly since 2006.


There are several differences amongst dedicated, VPS, and hybrid servers. However, the most important ones exist in terms of the number of dedicated IPs, bandwidth, processing power and optional features; although the users can upgrade their plans according to their needs.


All the packages operate with Intel Dual Xeon processors and require at least eight different computers to run. The RAM memory varies according to the package, as well as the accelerated disk space.


You can customize the plans via a series of slight upgrades. Apart from the general upgrades on offer, you can opt for more RAM, disk space, bandwidth, and number of dedicated IPs. A few other upgrades include access to LiteSpeed and WHM/cPanel servers, but they are not available for free.

Of all upgrades, the ServerShield upgrade offers multifarious features. Instead of going through the numerous small upgrades, you can just choose this plan and benefit from a preset array of most common facilities. If updated, you are bound to enjoy extra protection for your private servers.

Control Panel

Wiredtree offer grove control panel, this control panel by WiredTree is intuitive and user-friendly. Most links or features have comprehensible description, with additional details revealed on the left. Such an arrangement means that the interface is easy to use even by the newbies.

All the accounts are operated with CentOS Linux and constantly upgraded, when needed. They ensure profound customization with Grove and cPanel options. Nevertheless, WiredTree keeps the number of accounts under control to ensure that the available features or resources are used optimally.

The SSD caching options seem to be very innovative and handy, as they run during the page loading time for improving the server speed. With at least 120GB of Samsung and Intel memory for a node, the performance is practically taken to a new pinnacle.


WiredTree offers powerful as well as viable servers without exaggerating the price tags. It is also admirable for its top-notch customer service as well as server security.

WiredTree Managed VPS Pricing & Options

Pure SSD
  • 2048MB Guaranteed RAM
  • 40GB Pure SSD Space
  • X2 CPU Priority
  • 4 TB Bandwidth
  • All Standard Features
Accelerated SSD
  • 1536MB Guaranteed RAM
  • 100GB Accelerated SSD Space
  • Equal Share CPU Priority
  • 4 TB Bandwidth
  • All Standard Features
Pure SSD
  • 3072MB Guaranteed RAM
  • 60GB Pure SSD Space
  • X3 CPU Priority
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • All Standard Features

VPS Hosting

  • Fully Managed  : Yes
  • Burst RAM  : Yes
  • Control Panels  : 1
  • Support Options  : 2
  • Data Backups  : Nightly
  • IP Addresses  : 2
  • Operating System  : Linux
  • Uptime SLA  : 100%
  • Cloud Hosting  : No
  • Bandwidth  : 4TB
  • ServerShield  : Yes
  • Proactive Monitoring  : Yes
Merchant Price  
Official Website $49 View Website

WiredTree Managed VPS User Reviews

Quality Services at reasonable price

Reviewed by Arif on 2014-10-03 06:06:14

I am using wiredtree VPS for almost 3 years and happy so far. The support and billing staff is very cooperative and responsive. Service is very reliable at reasonable price.




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Not reliable anymore

Reviewed by Jonathan on 2014-07-08 20:47:17

Wiredtree used to be reliable hosting solution but not anymore. I recently experienced series of downtimes and when I talked to support, they rather started making excuses and tried to pretend like nothing seriously happened. I have full year contract so can't leave immediately but will definitely say goodbye soon.




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Loving it

Reviewed by Dev on 2014-02-09 23:25:54

I have been using WiredTree for over 3 months now and I have had little to no downtime with them. I have run plenty of load intensive servers and have never had a problem. Recommended!




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