VOIP Services Reviews & Comparisons 2014

VOIP (Voice over internet protocol) services are one of the most convenient and affordable way to talk today. All you require is a good quality internet connection and account with one of these voip services. Some of these companies even offer free unlimited calling while some offers decent call rates for local and international numbers. Below are some of the leading voip services compared side-by-side.

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Product Name Phone Power Vonage Skype Phone.com Rebtel MagicJack
Website Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit
Pricing US$ 8.33 US$ 9.99 US$ 9.95 US$ 14.99 US$ 0.00 US$ 59.99
VOIP Services Features
Mobiles Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Landlines Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PCs No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Calls Yes Yes Yes No No No
Emergency Calls Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Voicemail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Countries 75 60+ 170 100+ 59 100+
Call Transfer Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Port Numbers Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Toll Free Numbers Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Call Waiting Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Business Plans Yes Yes No Yes No No
Free Calls Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Support Options 3 3 2 3 2 2

VoIP Services - Buyer's Guide

It all depends on the purpose VoIP will serve you. Business users will require a different breed of VoIP while personal home users will need something else entirely, mostly an affordable infrequent usage plan. Accordingly, it boils down to key offers, features and provisions. Here are a few main criteria to base your selection of VoIP providers on.

Service Plans

Service plans of VoIP providers are usually categorized based on the call flexibility and tariff rates. In fact, majority of service providers classify plans and packages based on inclusive free minutes, both local and international. A truly flexible plan will usually entail a free minute count with some international free minutes as well as the ability to sign-up for one additional line, toll free numbers and receive or send faxes using VoIP. Watch out for certain key features such as call management option, mobile platform integration, Choosing area code, keeping your actual phone number, call forwarding and month by month addition.

Unlimited Minutes

While all VoIP providers promise unlimited minutes, the reality is that the terms of services usually has a clause that limits the minutes to anywhere between 1500 to 5000 minutes. Make sure to read the Terms of Services before signing up for unlimited minutes. Likewise check tariff charts for call charges after free minutes are over.


Some services offers free account to account calling and flat rate (per minute) charges for local and national calls. Services like Skype, Vonage and MagicJack today have packages which offer unlimited calling as discussed above for a flat monthly subscription.

Some VoIP service providers charge an initial setup fee usually ranging between $4 to $30 depending on the inclusion of a softphone or router and other services. However, this isn't the only fee you need to worry about since a few also have hidden clauses on cancellation fees and additional line requests.


Not all but most VoIP providers let you handle your actual phone number online using VoIP from your personal computer or mobile device. This feature is called the 'SoftPhone'. Along with this, make sure you get a virtual number, which acts as your second number and it can have any area code or country code you want.

Basic Call Features

Caller ID, conference calling, call blocking, call forwarding are a few basic call features usually included in all service plans. Call conferencing is usually limited to three callers on a single call unless you pay extra for truly business schemes. Likewise, the service ought to provide enhanced features such as e911, 411 directory assistance and call transfer. Call transfer is particularly useful in never missing a call or dropping calls. Similarly e911 service automatically provides your geographic location and other personal details to emergency responders saving you vital time during a life emergency. Other basic features to look out for include Voice Mail, Find Me service, call return and speed dial.

Ease of Setup

Switching over to VoIP from regular telephone lines is easy and requires a specific type of router that combines home telephone lines with internet lines. The interface must be easy to use, comprehensive and simple to install. Likewise, all software based VoIP services ought to have detailed FAQ and help sections to guide through installation and first time use.

Companies like MagicJack and Vonage today offers voip adapters which even bypass requirement of computer. All you need is to connect your regular phone which this adapter and this adapter to your internet connect to start using a phone as voip! Such a solution is really helpful for non techie as well as those who need fast and frequent usage of voip.

Help & Support

Not all VoIP providers offer 24 hours all year round support. In fact, some do not even entertain phone or chat support. It always helps to have instant support either in the form of a dedicated helpline or an online chat service. Moreover, online documentation found on the service provider's website usually tends to be vast and informative, helping tackle many remote issues quickly.

The best VoIP services are those who package a whole lot of useful features in their basic plans and have an affordable tariff rate without actually overcharging for setup and initial account creation.









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