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Easy to use, very complete.


Not enough control for professional users.


A nice video editing tool geared towards home users.

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Wondershare Video Editor is a user friendly video editor geared towards consumer usage more than professional editors. This software makes it easy to create videos from your clips, text & music files to deliver pleasing results. Different effects allow for a professional look and feel with anything you create and all this is achieved within minutes of beginning to use the software.


With this software it is easy to create good looking movies, using several video, image and audio clips. Add a personal touch by using custom filters to change the appearance of video clips, add transition effects between shots, create slide-shows or music mixes. Any of the professional features that come with the software can be learned quite quickly and the software makes it fun to experiment.

Of course, Wondershare Video Editor allows for editing audio and video clips, with tools like splitting and cropping, while the “Smart Scene Detection” feature can easily split video clips into different segments.


The videos created with Wondershare Video Editor are also easily shared on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, transferred to your mobile device or viewed on your TV at home.

Unique editing tool

Besides the regular editing functions, Wondershare Video Editor comes with a few new features of its own, like Smart Scene Detection. It works like this: Take a video that has shifting angles and needs to be improved upon. This tool will take the clip, find the parts of the video that need changes, and split them up in order for the scenes to flow much better and more naturally. A great time saver compared to painstakingly doing the same action step by step on your own.

Choose from over 300 effects

Spicing up a video clip with cool effects is something all video editors can do, so obviously Wondershare Video Editor offers the same kind of functionality there. Choose from more then 300 effects to make your video look slick and professional. However, after purchasing this software, the extra effects do need to be downloaded, which of course is free.

Over 70 filtering effects

Color and motion effect filters always work well to set the proper atmosphere in a movie. Therefore, Wondershare Video Editor comes with more then 70 filters that can be applied directly to your video clip.

Graphical art

Wondershare Video Editor comes with a full set of themes, templates and graphical art for any occasion, like holidays and birthdays. These can overlay video clips or add to images to set the stage.

Preset dynamic transitions

In need of a slick looking angle on scene transitions? For this Wondershare Video Editor comes with 50 high quality transitions that you can play around with until you find just the right one.

Amazing Intro and Credits

To spice up the credits of the movie or for creating professional looking intros Wondershare Video Editor comes with lots of cool templates, like Curtains, Spring, Star and many more.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 5
  • Support  : 2

Video Editing Software Features

  • Special Effects  : 300+
  • Slideshow  : Yes
  • Add Music  : Yes
  • 3D Editing  : No
  • Movie Creation  : Yes
  • 4K / HD Editing  : HD Only
  • Split / Join  : Yes
  • Trim / Crop  : Yes
  • Supported Formats  : Many
  • Menu Templates  : No
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