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Very complete, professional tools at consumer prices.


Steeping learning curve for novice users than we'd like.


A very complete video editing suite suitable for amateurs and professionals alike.

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Pinnacle is a well known name in the video editing segment and with Pinnacle Studio 16 it once again delivers a great video editor and DVD authoring software for the Windows operating system. It is the first Pinnacle release since the company was acquired by Corel Corp. With Pinnacle Studio 16, Pinnacle have once again released a very complete video editing suite that is stable, complete and fit for use by amateurs and professionals alike.


One thing that amazes is the fact that even though in terms of pricing Pinnacle Studio 16 is obviously aimed at the consumer market, it is advanced enough for professional usage as well. Besides the basic features, like selecting frames to edit and mixing capabilities, the program is loaded with many advanced features and options that will satisfy any type of user from casual to pro.

Those new to editing videos will not find Pinnacle Studio 16 the easiest software to master, but they will also quickly find out that it is well worth it to take the time to get the hang of it. Experienced users, however will be able to find their way around quickly and be amazed by the wide variety of features and options available. To those who take the time to truly explore Pinnacle Studio 16, they will find that it is a tool of incredible value.


There are several editions of Pinnacle Studio 16 available with varying price ranges. The basic version is limited to only three audio tracks. This may be enough for casual use, but professionals and sophisticated amateurs will require a bit more mixing flexibility. For the more advanced editors, there are two other versions available: Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus and Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate.

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Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus can mix up to 12 audio tracks and obviously also 12 video tracks. This generally is more then enough to suit the needs and requirements of any professional user. This version offers great value for money and allows users to try it out through a 30 day free trial version, downloadable from the Corel web site.

Lastly, there is the Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate edition which supports an unlimited number of tracks for mixing both audio and video. It also comes with a green screen background sheet, and approximately 200 extra effects. Furthermore, it also has more filter effects to play around with. This edition is obviously geared towards professional users, yet still moderately priced for what you get in the package.


Most users will have more then enough to contend with from the functionality present in the Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus edition, while casual users will even have sufficient flexibility with the more basic version. 

The Ultimate edition only offers more value to professional users who need access to edit an unlimited number of tracks, to add more visual effects, use more filters and take complete control of the audio visual experience.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 3
  • Support  : 1

Video Editing Software Features

  • Special Effects  : 1800+
  • Slideshow  : Yes
  • Add Music  : Yes
  • 3D Editing  : No
  • Movie Creation  : Yes
  • 4K / HD Editing  : Yes
  • Split / Join  : Yes
  • Trim / Crop  : Yes
  • Supported Formats  : Many
  • Menu Templates  : No
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