Movavi Video Editor Review


Easy to use, surprisingly complete and much cheaper then other video editing suites available.


Trial version ads watermarks to videos. Desktop icons are installed without asking permission.


A very affordable, yet complete video editor with titles, animations, sound syncing features, good editing options, and more. Very suitable for novice and advanced users alike.

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You know you are working with quality video editing software when it is able to take a clip looking like it was created with a two bit cell phone camera and turn it into something that looks like a slick fully fledged media production. While one cannot expect to turn a grainy image into a 1080p video production, with enough controls, one can make subtle visual improvements with some practice.

Editing Features

Movavi Video Editor falls into the quality video editor category because it is clearly capable of cutting, splicing and altering videos and making them look extremely presentable with a bit of time and effort. It is able to synchronize music to images, allows for the custom creation of titles with attractive stylized text and also with animations where needed. Splitting audio tracks and video tracks is also easy and that is just for starters.

This video editing software also can capture video as well as audio and is capable of storing the output in a wide variety of most known formats.


The main GUI of Movavi Video Editor is divided into three sections: A video player, a control panel with tabs, and a task bar in order to display open files. It all looks quite self explanatory and is easy to get to grips with quite quickly.

The standard File, Edit, Playback, and Help menus can be found in the upper right of the screen above the control panel, where tabbed controls make importing, editing and exporting files an easy task to perform. From there, options like creating titles, captions, transitions and special effects are also easily inserted to video clips.

Media Player

The main display performs like a media player, but also has some additional effects, like various transparency levels. The player supports up to one hundred audio, video, and title tracks. Besides all the added functionality, the player produces a very crystal clear picture on playback with no stuttering or unexpected pauses.

Free Trial

Movavi Video Editor can be tried for free for a 30 day period. However, files created during this period will receive a watermark and we also found the software to install desktop icons without asking for permission first.


Movavi Video Editor is handsomely priced below fifty bucks which is significantly cheaper then most other packages that can are expensive enough to almost break the bank and yet the software comes surprisingly complete. 

It offers almost all features the larger suites tend to offer and supports 64-bit versions of Windows for faster operation using all of the operating systems capabilities. Users looking for a complete video editing tool that is affordable can hardly go wrong with this video editor from Movavi.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 5
  • Support  : 3

Video Editing Software Features

  • Special Effects  : 100+
  • Slideshow  : Yes
  • Add Music  : Yes
  • 3D Editing  : Yes
  • Movie Creation  : Yes
  • 4K / HD Editing  : Yes
  • Split / Join  : Yes
  • Trim / Crop  : Yes
  • Supported Formats  : Many
  • Menu Templates  : No
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