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Easy to use, well laid out GUI, cool presets.


None we could find.


An excellent video editor with plenty of features to keep amateurs and pros equally satisfied.

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MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is often described as the new generation of video editors and with this new Plus edition, the newest version, with more added features than ever before easily just at your fingertips.


The new MAGIX Movie Edit Pro has been upgraded on all aspects we could find. It is faster in making cuts and edits, comes with more powerful options that lend creator editorial control and produces better results then any of the previous versions.

In this version, "more" is the catch-phrase: More tracks, more templates, more options and more support for editing both 2D & 3D videos. This software also supports multi-cam editing and many more exciting features besides this. Perhaps best of all is that the software is fully compatible with other Magic products, which makes editing and adding features like music just that little extra bit easier, more flexible and powerful.

Video Effects

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes loaded with high quality effects, supports professional transitions and comes with ready to use templates too. It has full support for Stereo 3D and supports both 720p & 1080p Full HD video too. Publishing video content is now easier then ever with the improvement to the interface. With this program you can simply watch or showcase your content anywhere from “on the go” to on your own television set, including added support for many of the popular file sharing services out there.

Advanced Features

This new version of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes with fifty plus new features to dazzle you, like support for the new AVCHD video standard, a new improved time line display format, and the ability for audio and video laid down together on one single track. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro supports automatic graphics card recognition which saves a lot of frustration when installing and running the app for the first time, quick access features from the newly improved GUI, and many more exciting options to explore.


MAGIX Movie Edit Pro comes with professional templates as standard for movie trailers that include music accompaniment. Movies created with this software are easily shared between other MAGIX products, like MAGIC Music Maker for example. Through MAGIX Movie Edit Pro it also becomes easy to share the video content through many different social networks and cloud storage services, and even transfer audio visual content over to mobile devices.


In conclusion, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro is a very complete video editing software suite, that despite all the features it supports has still managed to remain relatively easy to use. This is mostly due to a well laid out graphical user interface which aims to keep things simple while having most control at arms' reach. 

This video editing tool is suitable for casual and professional use, and easy enough to allow casual users to find their way around quickly when first starting out with the package post-installation.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 4
  • Support  : 3

Video Editing Software Features

  • Special Effects  : 1500+
  • Slideshow  : Yes
  • Add Music  : Yes
  • 3D Editing  : Yes
  • Movie Creation  : Yes
  • 4K / HD Editing  : Yes
  • Split / Join  : Yes
  • Trim / Crop  : Yes
  • Supported Formats  : Many
  • Menu Templates  : Yes
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