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Easier to use due to new GUI, faster on Macbooks.


Not enough really new features to warrant a new version.


Still the best video editing suite out there and now more approachable for beginners as well with the new layout.

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Like its image editing suite, Adobe Premiere Elements has been getting a revamp to the same light gray interface, making it more user friendly and easier on the eyes. This in addition to the slightly bigger text and icons makes it easier to work with, especially for professional video editors coming of age.


The interface also received a new layout in this version of Adobe Premiere Elements where all tools and options are now located at the bottom and the panel elements have been simplified so the user is only faced with one task at a time. Overall, a much needed improvement over previous versions. A welcome change for many Adobe Premiere Elements users is the fact that starting up a new project before anything else is no longer required. By simply adding clips through drag and drop a project is created automatically by the software.

Editing Modes

Just like the image editing suite, Adobe Premiere Elements now also has different modes. Two to be precise: Quick and Expert, where Quick obviously is the easy simplified version of the software, while Expert mode unleashes the full potential of Adobe Premiere Elements.

The main new feature in Adobe Premiere Elements 11 has to be Time Remapping, which allows you to block off a part of the clip as a time-zone and then make it faster, slower or to set a part of the clip to run back and forth sequentially.

Improved Features

Of course, there are more new and improved features in Adobe Premiere Elements, only less less innovative that one might prefer. For example, Film Looks, which is a set of filters that can create effects like we have seen in popular movies like Avatar and Sin City. The same effects, like the blue people in Avatar can now easily be mimicked through this set of filters, just like the red on desaturated color we loved so much in Sin City.

Another major improvement is the capability to combine clips with the full range of blending modes we know and love from Photoshop. Last, in this version of Adobe Premiere Elements it has become much easier to correct colors that need some modification to make them look correct.


Adobe Premiere Elements is also available as a 64-bit version for Mac computers. For this version Adobe optimized its performance which really makes the suite run much faster especially for large images or complex vector graphic images.

The themes in Adobe Premiere Elements are now updated for Instant Movie and the suite now comes with full Vimeo video support as well.


In conclusion, Adobe Premiere Elements 11 is a big improvement over the previous versions, mostly due to the new and improved GUI, which makes it a lot easier to handle especially for beginners.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 5
  • Support  : Chat

Video Editing Software Features

  • Special Effects  : 250+
  • Slideshow  : No
  • Add Music  : Yes
  • 3D Editing  : No
  • Movie Creation  : Yes
  • 4K / HD Editing  : HD Only
  • Split / Join  : Yes
  • Trim / Crop  : No
  • Supported Formats  : Many
  • Menu Templates  : No
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