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With the ever escalating read/write transfer speeds and more importantly internet connectivity and land speeds, video is increasingly becoming the primary medium used to convey information. The growth of video ads has grown exponentially and that’s just one indicator. Virtually all digital portable devices entertain some format of video and with the instrumental role that video plays today, having a good video converter is essential.

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Output Formats 150+ 100+ Many Many 120+ Many Many Many
Convert DVD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit Videos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NO Yes
Input Formats 150+ 100+ 180+ Many 120+ Many Many Many
2D/3D Conversion Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No
Burn Videos Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes
Online Videos Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Built-in Player Yes Yes Preview Yes No No No No
GPU Acceleration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Points to consider when buying a video converter

When comes to buying video converter software, there are several things that you should take into account before making any purchases. It will pay off to do your research in the end. Below are a few things that we feel like are very important for anyone who is contemplating purchasing video converter software.

Input formats

What I mean by input formats is that you should really take some time to think about what you intend to use the software for. For example, if you intend on using the video converter software to repackage HD video from your camera, then not all software supports this format. You may have to have it in an MP4 or some other format before your software can work with it. You should ensure whatever software you are purchasing can support the input format you are hoping that it will.

Output formats

What do you intend on doing with the files that your video converter software will convert to? If you plan on using it on YouTube, you might look for software that will support MP4’s. The vast majority will, but if you intend on supporting PC based movies, then DivX is a fairly popular file type and there are a limited amount of video converters out there that will support this format.


Speed of conversion can be one of the most important aspects to consider. Conversion speeds can drastically vary and this can play a pivotal role in your decision. If you are a user who occasionally converts a short clip every now and then, a painfully slow converter may not be a deal breaker but if you are an active user of a converter, the speed can be virtually the most important aspect to consider.

Memory usage

Converters are notorious for hogging all available resources on a computer and slowing down your system to a crawl making it impossible to multitask. Conversion is not a task that you can just sit through and it would be imperative to be able to perform other tasks during the process, of course this again would depend on the frequency of use of the software. If it’s a rare affair, you can always suck it up and take a breather while your new video is prepared, or else, you will have to consider an option that is less harsh on your CPU.


Versatility in terms of conversion choices as well as other preliminary editing features such as video cropping can be useful when choosing a converter specially if you are looking for an all-in-one solution and would rather not utilize multiple software just to make a few edits. If you are a user of multiple portable devices, you may require an application that supports several formats so that all your portable devices will be able to support the portable video.

How Easy it is to Use

There are some fairly simple pieces of software out there. However, just because you have more options does not always mean that it is the best choice. If you intend on only having a few uses for it, you should contemplate finding something a little simpler. Simpler is sometimes better and more proficient when it comes to video editing. There is no reason to have to read a whole book just to figure out how to convert a file from a WMV to an MP4. There are several video converters available that can do this without much confusion.


While finding software that is easy to use, you should really think about whether you intend on doing any form of editing. If not, a simple converter might be the best choice. However, there are a lot of video converters that are simply converters and not editors. My recommendation is that if you intend to do any form of sharing or publishing of your content, you might consider finding something that can do a little bit of editing. Most of the time these will be additional features added onto some of the video converters that are available.

Help and Support

Last but not least, you should put some thought into what kind of support is available for the video converter. It is a peace of mind knowing that if you ever get stuck there might be a 24 hour hotline you can reach or send off an email and get a quick response. You might think about what time of the day you intend on using the software most. Does the company you are about to purchase from only offer support during regular business hours? Will you be using the software in the evening after work hours? If yes to both of those, this software may not be the best option. Instead, look for some form of software with 24/7 support.

Lastly, I recommend that you try to find a video converter that has a fairly large following. A community who enjoys the software and is familiar with it will often times be more helpful on how to do specific things. Most companies will not give you directions on how to use the software as much as they will just ensure that it is working and leave you to the learning.

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