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Free edition available, and paid editions relatively cheap. Try any version for free.


Free edition only supports fewer forms, and has very limited support overall.


Since they offers various version and with free trial. It is definitely worth checking them out.

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In the last few years TaxSlayer has been making a big push into the online tax software business. Their products look pretty good and the prices are very reasonable, so what is the catch here? Is it worth trying this less well known tax application instead or should you just spend the extra money for some other tax package instead?


Various versions of TaxSlayer includes free edition with limited features, classic ($9.95), premium ($29.95), military (free) and pro version for professional ($1395). Each version is designed for specific group of users and have their own features and limitations.

Advanced Features

The TaxSlayer free software can guide you through the difficult tax filing preparation process in its own way, by asking you the questions that the IRS needs answered but doing it in a way that is easier to understand for non-experts. But if know what you're doing somewhat, then you have the freedom to enter data manually which comes in handy in places such as deductions and income. This helps to ensure you are not slowed down with a restrictive software package that assumes your knowledge to be less than it actually is and hides the advanced options away where they are hard to find.

Another guided area of the TaxSlayer software that is quite well done is the life events guide. It acts as a sort of reminder each year to review aspects of certain parts of your life and if or how they relate to your tax situation, such as your family situation, your job, or your investment portfolio. This not only saves a lot of time but it almost forces you to reassess important things each year which we never find time to do but probably what we should all be doing anyway.

Audit Risk Meter

One of the features at TaxSlayer that caught my eye at first, probably because I haven't seen it so much on other tax preparation software, was the audit risk meter. Some people might call it a gimmick, and of course it won't save you from an audit if that is what the IRS wants to do, but it does give a basic guide to potential risk factors. The more deductions you want to take, the more adjustments, the higher the risk according to the meter.

Free Edition

TaxSlayer free edition seems to be aimed at people who don't have a very complicated tax situation at all or just do not need the extra features and added customer support that the more expensive tax software can provide. There is definitely a market for cheaper tax software like this, but users who have more complicated finances will most likely still want to pay the extra to get a more full-featured system.


TaxSlayer may be lesser known in the business than a lot of its well established competition, but they have been around for long enough now to prove that they're doing something right. The key to some of that success is probably the price, but the functionality is part of it too. It's simple, but if simple is what you need then why not give it a try?

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