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Good options for advanced users and those with complex taxes.


Data entry is less user friendly than some; less in-depth questions are asked.


Good reputation. Optional review by a tax preparer.

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The big name of the brick and mortar tax business is now becoming an even bigger name in the online tax software business. So does their success in the offline world translate to success online? We'll see how they stack up against the competition.

Pricing Structure

H&R Block has a pricing structure similar to TurboTax, and they both have great reputations, so it is fair to compare them to each other. While some users prefer TurboTax, believing that it is more user friendly in terms of data entry, others prefer H&R Block for the ability to have their prepared returns sent to a tax preparer for review. In that sense, H&R Block can offer some protection from a possible future audit if one takes up this verification process which can act as a backstop.

The Free Version Features and Limitations of H&RBlocks

H&R Block At Home comes with features called FREE live tax advice, Accurate Calculations Guarantee and Worry-free Audit Support. The software supports almost all tax forms. It can be downloaded free for Mac or Windows. After installing the software, all you need is to follow their step-by-step guideline to simply complete return.

If you think you will need a little more help with your tax situation because of extra forms you will need to fill out, such as freelancers and self-employed people, then you may want to lean more toward H&R Block on this point. They call it the "best of both" deal, because it combines online tax preparation with a real tax professional. It is an added cost to be sure, but well worth it for those who need it. Beyond the costs involved, one should also consider the time saved by letting a professional handle things rather than investing more time in tax preparation than is beneficial.

For Experienced Users

For those who think they have a bit more knowledge in the tax field than the general public, it is easy enough to recommend H&R Block. The lack of help in some parts can lead to confusion for beginners who would probably be better off elsewhere using a package that simplifies the interface, but even so, the option to have your information reviewed by an expert could tip the scales in favor of H&R Block again.


H&R Block offer a free service, and their paid options cost about the same as most of the competition. For those who need to get even more involved, due to complicated taxes or other reasons, there is an option to have your return sent to a tax preparer for review after you have prepared it from home.

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