PC System Utilities Reviews & Comparisons 2014

PC System Utilities can help maintain your computer and optimizing overall speed and experience. Below is the comparison of various features of some leading PC System Utilities and Optimization Software.

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Product Name Advanced System Optimizer Tuneup Utilities Winzip System Suite System Mechanic Avanquest System Suite Advanced System Care Uniblue Powersuite 2014
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Pricing US$ 39.95 US$ 59.99 US$ 39.95 US$ 49.95 US$ 49.95 US$ 23.98 US$ 29.95
PC System Utilities Features
Duplicate Finder Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Registry Optimizer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Startup Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Basic Yes Yes
Driver Updater Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
System Cleaner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uninstall Manager Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Game Optimizer Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Disk Optimizer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
System Protector Yes Yes Limited Yes Yes Yes No
Undelete Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Memory Optimizer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Disk Tools Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Privacy Protector Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
Disk Explorer Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No
General Information
Support 3 2 Email 2 2 3 3
Supported OS(es) 4 5 4 4 4 5 4
Special Features Many Many Many Many Many Many Many

System Utility Software Buying Guide

When it comes to any business, whether it be online or not, a quality system optimizer program is essential to any business' success. A business is dependent on their PC’s for their daily operations and need their PC's to run hassle-free and efficiently. System Optimizing Software programs help these businesses by effectively managing their time and expenses by improving their systems overall performance and speed which will save them money and resources in the long run.

What to Know?

Finding the most efficient System Optimizing program on the market today can be daunting and sometimes can even be somewhat scary especially with the different products that are one the market. When it comes to finding the right program for your business you should consider such as the features a program includes as well as the overall price. With the different programs that are one the market it can be hard to find the right program for your business, but as long as you follow these easy-to-follow buying guide you should have no trouble at all.

One-Click Scans

As the head of your business there are certain features and qualities that you are undoubtedly going to look for when purchasing system optimizing software. These all important features will have to stand up to the task of optimizing your PC and enhancing its overall speed and performance.

Backup, Rescue and Recovery

Some of the quality features that you should consider before purchasing a system should be CPU management, Smart PC care which should help to optimize your PC by deleting unnecessary data and files, optimization of memory and storage which will allow your PC to have adequate space to run your operation smoothly and efficiently and last of all should include an undelete tool which will help you to save any files or data that you accidentally deleted.

Malware Prevention

A high quality system optimization program should have the best PC protection on the market and that will keep your PC secure against malicious software. Optimal software should include tools such as Spyware Prevention which will protect your PC against spyware that can steal your important data and information, Malware Prevention which should protect your PC against vicious malware attacks which can cause your PC to run much slower and Virus Scan Protection which should run daily, weekly or monthly scans to find any malicious virus that have infected your PC and then it should rid them from your system immediately.

Help and Support

An ideal system optimization program should have an excellent support system in place that will help you whenever the need arises. Such help support systems should include communication with the manufacturer such as an email system or support ticket system in which you can communicate with the manufacturer and get a timely response within 24 hours. If the manufacturer offers a live chat it is much more ideal because if you have a problem and want an answer from the manufacturer as soon as possible, this is a great way to get you in touch with a professional as soon as possible.

Even if the manufacturer offers a webpage that contains a FAQ’s database or knowledge webpage it is still ok as you will find the answers to the most asked questions and you are more likely to find a solution to your problem sooner rather than later.


Whenever you are searching for a system optimization program there are many qualities and features you should consider before purchasing a program right off the bat. Some of the features you should look for are consistent virus protection, pc optimization functions and optimal memory features. A system that offers an excellent support system is also recommended as with many things sometimes problems arise that needs fast and simple solutions to correct. As long as you follow these recommendations you should be able to find an excellent system optimization software that will best fit your needs.









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