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Are you a merchant, product owner or a happy product user looking to submit your products to get reviewed on At ReviewZAP, we regularly add more and more products and would love to include great products.

Currently, we offer two options to include your product to

(1) Simple Suggest - FREE

Have you tried or tested a product which is not listed on reviewzap? Just suggest us it with as many information as you can about product. Our editors will review product and include it within 4-6 weeks period. Please note, we don't guarantee inclusion of all products suggested. However, you can always followup for status of your suggestion.

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(2) QuickList - $11.99 or FREE

If you're a product owner or merchant who would like to include your product(s) quickly to, we offer QuickList option where you can pay $11.99/product one time fee to list your product/service quickly to ReviewZAP. The fee is fully refundable if we can't include your product for any reason. Alternately, you can link back to our website and get reviewed quickly without making payment. You can link back to our homepage or reviewpage or comparison page. You can use various widgets we offer as well.

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To suggest product with paid ($11.99 one time) option, please click button below.

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After submitting payment, you will be redirected to submit necessary information, that we require to list/review your product.

Notes: (1) We usually take 1-5 days to list/review your product once you make payment and submit necessary information. (2) We can't offer any guarantee to rank your product on top when you submit using QuickList. Your product will be ranked where it deserves. (3) We don't guarantee 100% positive review for your payment. The payment is to expedite review process only, it will not change opinion.