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30 day guarantee, Works on PC, Mac OS and iOS, 5 devices simultaneously, $2.49/month


Slows system down, intermittent outages, some code doesn’t show up anonymously


Hotspot Shield is an overall complete package for those seeking hotspot protection, providing customers with heightened anonymity during browsing sessions without egregious monthly costs.

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One of the biggest advances in the recent years is the adoption of virtual private network (VPN) design & technology. Whereas in the past VPN’s would consist of many software and hardware components which had to be connected to a central control panel by a connective wire, all the devices can now communicate with the central device wirelessly so wired connections aren't compromised.  Hotspot Shield stands atop the virtual private network world, and offers their services cheaply.


All of us have valuables and important documents which we want to safeguard. Some of these things are very expensive or are priceless; thus, we don't want to lose them. To that end, we continuously look for ways to keep these valuables safe. This isn’t always possible when surfing over wide-open connections. Hotspot Shield provides an immeasurable amount of proxy security, taking your desktop privacy seriously.

Some key specifications that make this program unique to potential buyers include:

  • Protection for all Windows based, Mac & iOS devices
  • Advertisement-less browsing for consumers
  • Devoted customer care, quick responses
  • Comprehensive cloud-based malware fortification
  • Virtual Locations scattered across USA, UK & Australia
  • Secure gateway for accessing blocked sites

The world of ecommerce has been gradually changing the way we shop for years, with huge percentage of shopping now being done over the internet. So it’s hardly surprising that virtual private network protection services have started adopting shopping anonymously in their software packages. Hotspot Shield makes your Christmas, birthday or general personal shopping experience clandestine to prowlers.

Productiveness without Hindrances

With one license good for all devices, proxy service from Hotspot Shield provides anonymous surfing which allows anyone including the productive businessman, writer or paid gamer to remain online without being picked up by unruly hackers. This means that businessmen subscribed to their virtual private network via proxy will have virtually the same speed they would without having this layer of protection.

Productivity enhancement technology that is built off a certain infrastructure that was not designed for the purpose it now holds can have issues. Indeed, if you look online through forums, you’ll find people complaining about just about certain proxy services.  Hotspot Shield doesn’t bog down your surf speed; in fact, with your PC optimized, you can experience quicker surfing speeds.

The Verdict

Through the significant growth in smartphone ownership, virtual private servers are starting to have the same impact on portable communications, bringing with it all the advantages that such services already offer and bundling in a number of additional improvements to make adoption all the more appealing.  With Hotspot Shield, you're getting an enhanced proxy network that delivers hefty protocols, tightly secured server locations and IP’s that can be rotated on your own accord. 

With cloud-based infrastructural security and quick responses from support personnel, you can thoroughly expect Hotspot Shield to remain abreast with other VPN’s around the world.

VPN Server Features

  • VPN Servers  : NA
  • VPN Locations  : 5
  • IP Addresses  : NA
  • Protocols  : P2P
  • VPN Software  : Free
  • Data Transfer  : Unlimited
  • Moneyback Guarantee  : 30 Days
  • Data Encryption  : Yes
  • Support  : 2
  • OS / Devices  : 3
  • No. of Devices  : 1
  • Mobile Apps  : No
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