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55,000 IPs, schedule IP rotation, 461 servers, works behind ISP, From $11.52 monthly


Sporadic installation issues, bad for casual browsers, difficult UI to learn, free proxy causes slower browsing.


Sensible choice for heavy internet users, particularly gamers and businesses. Doesn’t bog down RAM, nor costs too much. Security is definitely ironclad.

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As network engineers will profess, any great internet connection relies on developing a successful Internet security strategy that masks your online identity, secures your connection and vexes potential intruders' goal of harming your cloud-based file system. If you're tired of revealing your ass accidentally, Hide My Ass has 55,500 reasons to choose their proxy servers.

How HMA Works

Masking incoming and outgoing browser requests isn't difficult – when encrypted correctly, that is. HMA strategically placed 461 servers in 61 countries worldwide, randomly rotating IP's between various servers to keep intruders occupied (or frustrated, you pick). This means downloading, file managing and general browsing is treated more than ‘tertiary' in terms of security. HMA placed these servers in globally secluded areas where you'll achieve maximum connection speeds to boot.

Benefits of HMA VPN Services

Cheaper than taking your crashed hard drive to Geek Squad, Hide My Ass not only keeps their prices low, but doesn't restrict which server you're connected to. Immeasurable quality, friendly support staff and consistently maintained hardware is what consumers need when they're looking for right VPN service. HMA plans comes with:

  • 55,500+ functional IP's
  • Never will you receive the same IP twice consecutively.
  • 100% supportive of OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols.
  • Proprietary access to ProVPN software suite.
  • Unlimited bandwidth provided.
  • New VPN server locations updated frequently.
  • Expedited customer support.
  • 30 day no-frills guarantee, or full refund honored.

55,000+ IP addresses to choose from definitely helps mask identity at all hours, day or night. It's more than several VPN service combined, in fact. Scheduling specific times to rotate IP’s, plus government level security standards, contribute to Hide My Ass’s continued success in providing privatized internet connectivity.

Do More with Desktops

Mass file uploads that once were jeopardized by your unsecure Wi-Fi connection are locked down during runtime. Virtual private network tunnels your connection to seamlessly work with any desktop application, thereby making your RAM usage not seem as ‘bogged down’.

Productivity panic ceases to exist, thanks to heightened security measures HMA takes while connected to their worldwide servers. It should be noted that previous document issues, mainly failure to load onto certain PC’s or operating systems, has been addressed extensively by HMA developers.

Privacy, On Your Terms

A DDoS attack makes servers, websites, or entire networks unavailable to users. This type of attack has become commonplace over the past several years because it is easy to orchestrate. A number of DDoS kits are easily accessible which exponentially increases the number of potential attackers. To compensate for this new reality, companies are turning to Hide My Ass’s virtual private network protection services to provide an additional layer of fortification to their entire digital infrastructure. This provides even more privacy based on your terms – not what monthly metering dictates for you.

The Verdict

For those wanting to test drive Hide My Ass services, their free proxy services will mask your identity as you surf through websites where trusting their connection, or intent, is questionable. For mere chump change, businesses, gamers or general web surfers can add many layers of internet connection protection to their current Wi-Fi or landline-based ISP. Add HMA’s free disposable anonymous mail exchange, and you'll see why thousands of stoked web junkies rely on Hide My Ass proxy solutions from Alaska to Azerbaijan.

VPN Server Features

  • VPN Servers  : 470+
  • VPN Locations  : 115+
  • IP Addresses  : 57000
  • Protocols  : 3
  • VPN Software  : Free
  • Data Transfer  : Unlimited
  • Moneyback Guarantee  : 30 Days
  • Data Encryption  : Yes
  • Support  : 3
  • OS / Devices  : 5+
  • No. of Devices  : 2
  • Mobile Apps  : Yes
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A happy user

Reviewed by Kevin C. on 2013-10-04 16:34:30

I have used these guys and honestly, this is really good service. Been with them since last few months. They offer really wide variety of options for VPN, compatible with most devices i use and easy to setup. The price is little costly but i got a good deal while i signup as a part of promo. So fine!






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