Proxy Services Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Proxy services (also known as VPN Services) are often needed if you're regular internet users. It could be for multiple reasons including access of certain country restricted websites, protect privacy, secure browsing or any other reason. Below are some leading VPN services compared...

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Product Name Private Internet Access Hotspot Shield HMA PureVPN VyprVPN StrongVPN TorGuard CyberGhost
Website Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit
Pricing US$ 3.33 US$ 2.49 US$ 6.55 US$ 9.95 US$ 6.67 US$ 7 US$ 9.95 US$ 6.75
VPN Server Features
VPN Servers 694 NA 470+ 300+ 700+ 189 - 427 160+ 210+
VPN Locations 9+ 5 115+ 22 34 1 - 18 18+ 20
IP Addresses No Data NA 57000 22000 2,00,000+ 8000+ No Data No Data
Protocols 3 P2P 3 5 3 4 3 3
VPN Software Free Free Free Free Yes Yes Free Free
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Moneyback Guarantee 7 Days 30 Days 30 Days 3 Days NA 7 Days 30 Days None
Data Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Tickets 2 3 3 2 4 2 2
OS / Devices 5 3 5+ 5+ 5+ 5 5+ 3
No. of Devices 5 1 2 2 1-3 Varies 1 1-5
Mobile Apps Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Your VPN Buying Guide for 2013

Browsing freely, downloading torrents and gaining access to social sites from certain countries has changed drastically over the years largely due to government intervention. From e-mail and virtual meetings to online banking and shopping, browsing and ecommerce stores are now 24 hour a day livelihoods.  Without virtual private networks around, your browsing experience is noxiousness waiting to explode around you.

The internet is a forum for knowledge and convenience in our world today. However, it can also be a treacherous abode without preemptive security measures that virtual private servers provide.  With that, we provide you with key areas that must prevail in your VPN before choosing them as your go-to secure proxy browsing resource.

Secure Browsing

Today, unsuspecting adults are more concerned than ever about protecting their youth from modern Internet security threats, especially DDoS attacks and other phishing schemes. Today's youth is constantly at risk any time they connect the Internet and download torrents, games or chat with friends from afar.  Parents have a more difficult time protecting their children from online threats because today's generation spends more time online than any other generation in history.

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to the Internet where predators and other criminals look to exploit the naiveté of undereducated web surfers, the reason your virtual private server provider must have 110% ironclad security at heart before offering to secure others’ connections.

Protected Data during Browsing

Every VPN provider should provide customers with the ability to properly store and manage data on their own servers and offers the ability to have back-up storage on virtual private servers in the event of internal data loss or corruption.  Assure the present and future data storage facilitation goes smoothly with offered services from proven professional VPN data storage technicians which include:

  • Connection recovery point implementations
  • Cloud storage backup for online files
  • Fully secured, privatized back-up of data on VPN provider servers
  • Consolidation of storage infrastructures for productivity
  • Deduplication of data to protect packets sent, and received, across HTTPS
  • Fully managed SAN/NAS
  • Frequent rotation of IP’s from varied servers

When natural or unexpected monstrosities hit unprotected VPN server centers, there needs to be fully operational and quickly accessible solutions to recover your connections.  Does your VPN provider provide unique, specialized and fully featured connectivity solutions expert planned and executed to fit your business model? If not, fire them immediately and find another VPN solution for your browsing needs.

Note that, up to this point, if you cannot find VPN security or protected IP’s while browsing, cost doesn’t really matter as without these two technicalities, the virtual private network is devoid of necessary features.

Educated VPN Support Specialists

Information eminence, proxy exactitude and appropriate IP loading rely solely upon the virtual private network connections that companies have in place, with nonoperational connection routes consequently leading towards lost, corrupt or misplaced packets of information.  When your browsing history or computer data isn’t being upheld by VPN standards promised to you, your service representatives need to answer account questions, correct errors or issue refunds.

There can be a lot of abuse, anger and confusion to handle when customers are contacting any VPN tech support or chat representative with a concern about an inaccurate VPN service that did not meet their expectations. Of course, your VPN provider should take precautionary yet necessary measures to assure you monthly connection plan is executed properly, setup efficiently and contain easily retrievable information about troubleshooting when proxies go awry.

Choosing Your VPN Wisely

While it seems hard to imagine now, it wasn’t too many years ago that the Internet was something reserved to government agencies and that pagers were the cutting edge in on-the-go communications tools. Today, whether it's flash "super cookies" or location data, just how private is the information you post online either knowingly, or unknowingly?

Virtual private networks are placed strategically in server localities worldwide to provide IP anonymity, proxy connections and 100% ultra-safe browsing.  Choose your next VPN based off customer support brevity, data handling and packet distribution along with ability to provide inexpensive monthly access should be your only path towards perfection in VPN purchasing.

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