Privacy Policy

This policy outlines our use of all the information which is collected from our visitors and contributors when they use a or any of our network website.

Use of Cookies

When you open our website, depending on your browser settings, operation systems or browser, there may be a short text file downloaded. There are various purposes for using cookies and widely used by most websites. Cookies are mostly used for improving user experience, performance of website and visitor tracking.

It is often possible that while you click links on our website, external websites also download cookies on your computer. We are not responsible for that and subject to their own cookie or privacy policy if available.

Visitor Tracking

While you visit our website, we may track your visitor activity including but not limited to IP addresses, country, city, pages you visited, length of visit(s), revisits and many other behavioral tracking. The purpose of visitor tracking is to improve website content and overall user experience and performance. The data is often stored on our servers or partners servers. There are various technologies which are used to track visitor behaviors.

Collection of User Data

While you contact us or submit any form of information to us, we strictly keep it private or use it for purpose it provided only. We never sale, rent or exchange information provided by you for any other purposes. Such information may includes your contact information, content, email addresses and passwords.

By visiting our website, you agree to our terms and privacy policy. If you don't agree, you should close this website immediately.