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Provides thousands of exciting transitions, effects, and animations that allow for a more personalized presentation. Supports 4K ultra-HD export for super high definition presentation on large screen.


Requires a high-specification Windows machine in order to run smoothly without any lag. Doesn’t support Windows XP or older.


A great alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, with richer features and complete support for various media. A good value for the price.

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SlideShow 9 Ultimate is a software to create high quality slideshow presentation, released by AquaSoft GmbH. The company specializes in creating high quality photo presentation software for Windows platform, with the goal to maximize the creativity of the users. AquaSoft GmbH is a German-based company founded in 1999.

Music, Photos, and Videos in Your Presentation

The software allows you to combine all your media into one place. You can import your music, video, and photos with an easy file browser, and play the media in high quality format for your presentation. The drag and drop function allows you to import your media from various devices that you have, including camera, camcorder, smartphone, PC, laptop, and more. With this function, integrating all your media into one presentation is an easy thing to do.

Unlimited Creativity for Your Presentation

SlideShow 9 Ultimate provides various effects, animations, and transitions, allowing you to experiment with your slideshow in the best way possible. There are unlimited of variations that you can create to personalize each presentation that you have. You can even personalize individual slideshow with various available visual effects. It also provides personal and professional templates for your presentations, depending on your needs.

Presentation Sharing in Various Media

With this software, you can create your own presentation in various formats. Then, you can export your presentation and play it in various media of your choice. Whether you want to play your slideshow on a 4K HDTV, PC, YouTube, or any other media, you can do it. It allows you to export slideshow presentation that supports real-time playback with 60 FPS, even when you play it on a 4K HDTV. You can also convert your video presentation and play it on various devices, including small-screen mobile devices.

Live Effects and Dynamic Texts

Live effects are features provided by SlideShow 9 Ultimate that allow you to create a more lively presentation for your photos and videos. It gives you unlimited variations of blurs, mapping, movement, transparency, animation masks, and other effects. You can pick from among 25 different live effects to configure the animation based on what you need. You can also customize the look of your text by using the dynamic texts feature. There are more than 120 text customizations that you can use to make your text animation more appealing in your presentation.

Travel Route Showcase

There is a special feature available, called the integrated map wizard, which allows you to showcase your travel route in your presentation. This way, you can let your audience know about your travel route, with the variety of travel symbols to make your travel animation more interesting. You can also showcase the vehicle that you prefer in your travel map, with more than 100 types of vehicles to choose from. It gives you the detailed and personalized travel information, which is captivating and easy to memorize for your audience.

Additional Features

The SlideShow 9 Ultimate offers additional features that are not available in the premium version. The additional features provided are sound wizard, additional effects, more objects, ultra-HD 4K resolution, HTML export, customizable video settings, extended UI, and many more. These features make the software more powerful, with more functionality to support the creation of even more advanced presentation for your personal and business needs.


SlideShow 9 Ultimate provides more functionalities than the premium version, with a slightly more expensive price. It is generally a better option than Microsoft PowerPoint when it comes to the creation of high quality and high resolution slideshow presentation. Moreover, with a lifetime download guarantee offered by the company, you don’t need to be worried about losing the installer of your software, as it is always available to download on the official website. It also offers a free update, which is another good feature that helps you to save money on buying expensive upgrades for your software. 

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