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Good organization features, video editing capabilities, and the Facebook photo tab.


Deluxe version lacks blueray burning.


MediaShow 6 can help you organize, find, build slideshows and edit media so you don't have to sit at the computer all day trying to create a simple photo album.

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MediaShow 6 is a slideshow software and media management tool that can help you cut down the amount of time you're spending at the computer messing with photos and videos. MediaShow 6 is a strong contender in the media management/slideshow builder realm and is pretty affordable. This is a great tool for the seldom computer-user and even the daily computer user. Here is are some of the features that you can find in MediaShow 6.

Photos and Videos Calendar View

MediaShow 6 has a feature that allows you to find your pictures and videos with ease. Mediashow 6 has a "Calendar View" where you can find photos and videos based on their date, so for example, if you wanted to find photos from your child's birthday party, then you just click on their birthday date in the calendar. When you click on that date, all photos from that day will be there.

Tagging and Finding

MediaShow uses a cutting-edge technology called "FaceMe" that can identify faces pretty accurately.  The FaceMe technology can also identify people if they are wearing sunglasses and people's faces at different angles. This FaceMe technology can help you tag your friend's faces for later reference. When you tag a friend, you can later search their name to find all photos related to them therefore cutting down the amount of time that it takes to find images that you may have saved months ago.

MediaShow 6 also comes with a normal tagging system that helps you organize photos and videos into groups. So, you can tag a bunch of photos with "Summer" or "Friends" to group them and then use that tag to easily find those photos later.

Quick Edit Videos

Not everyone is a Steven Spielberg and can get the perfect video shot every time just like not everyone is a Michael Kahn and can edit videos to perfection. While you should always try to get the best quality video recording you can, MediaShow understands that is not always possible. MediaShow comes with one-click tools to help edit and refine videos. With Mediashow 6 one-click tools you can remove noise, get rid of shakiness in videos, automatically adjust brightness for dimly lit videos, and remove distracting background noise.

Also, there is an "Edit Log" so you can keep track of edits and compare the changes to the original video. If for some reason you don't like the edits and changes that you have made then you can reset your video to its original condition.

Facebook Friend Photos and Videos

If you have more than just a few friends on your Facebook friends list, then staying up-to-date with their latest vacation photos, or family videos is sort of a pain because you have to go from profile to profile to view them. Well, MediaShow 6 has solved that by combining your friends new Facebook photos and videos in one place. Also, you can bulk save your Friends photos if you need to, which is pretty handy.


MediaShow 6 is an effective slideshow builder and media management tool that can help anyone with their photo and video organization. MediaShow 6 can not only help you with organizing your photo and videos, but it can also help you edit them so they look perfect when you share them. The Facebook photos and videos feature also makes staying up-to-date with friends easier. If you don't have a lot time to spare, but have a lot of media that you need to manage, then you should consider picking up MediaShow 6.

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