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Easy Importing, Automatic Background Music, and Audio Management


Lacks Some Organization Features


Magix Photostory is a piece of software that features a nice interface and a lot of functions that automate the slideshow creation process.

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Looking to create a spectacular presentation out of some of your photos and videos? Well, Magix Photostory has a combination of features that can help you create a slideshow out of your saved media. Here are some of the features you can find inside this software, and how they can assist you through the slideshow creation process – and maybe even save you time.

Easy Importing

Magix Photostory comes with an import wizard that can help you transfer your media from cameras, drives, and other data story devices. You have the choice to import the media directly to your computer and directly into your slideshow.

Simple Media Management

Magix Photostory is all about reducing the amount of time you're sitting at the computer. The Magix Photostory software features several quick access buttons on its interface that help you easily add your own photos, videos and music to your slideshow.

Automatic Image Effects

With Photostory you have the choice to manually add effects to your slideshow, or have them automatically chosen and added by the software. If you choose to go the automated effects route, the software will automatically select various soft tracking shots and apply them to your photos to give your slideshow a movie-like feel.


Magix Photostory is jam-packed with over 150 animated decorative elements, and sound effects. These animated decorative elements and sound effects can be used to emphasize special moments in your slideshow, and to provide a couple of chuckles. There are also a few intro and outro templates that you can choose from for your slideshow.

Automatic Background Music

One unique thing about this software is that it is not only able to automatically add image effects to your slideshow, but it can also automatically select ideal music and insert it into your slideshow. When you're using the software you simply select the style that you want in the wizard and the software will take care of the rest. According to Magix, all the songs that are within the software were professionally composed.

Audio Tools

Terrible audio can definitely ruin the entertainment value of a slideshow. Magix Photostory makes it extremely easy for your slideshow to have perfect audio. This software automatically adjusts the volume of your background music so that you don't have to. To ensure that commentary on the slideshow is clearly heard the software will automatically reduce the volume of background music during commentary and will automatically increase the volume of background music when commentary isn't happening.

Interactive DVD Menus

Before you burn your slideshow to a DVD there's one last thing you have to do and that's to create an interactive menu. With Magix Photostory you can create an interactive menu consisting of your own pictures as backgrounds, intro videos, music playback, interactive buttons and more for when you burn your slideshow to a DVD.

Create Labels

Besides being able to create a neat interactive menu like you would find on a store-bought DVD, you can also use Photostory to create great looking case covers and DVD labels for your slideshow discs.


If you're looking to create a professional slideshow for your business or even an entertaining slideshow for your family, then this software can help you do just that! Magix Photostory can help you get a slideshow started quickly due to its import wizard and automation features. Thanks to the automatic image effects and automatic background music picker, the software can pretty much do half the work of creating a slideshow for you. Magix Photostory also comes with a bundle of animations, and sound effects that you can use to spice up your slideshow.

If you're looking for a software that will help you finish a great-looking slideshow within a short period of time, then you should consider this product.

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