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15-day trial version, supports direct uploads to several file sharing services.


Creating jpegs from clipboard is confusing. It is only possible to copy and paste modified images after saving them.


Good for amateurs of every level, less suitable for professional photographers.

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Zoner Photo Studio 15 is the latest edition of the popular photo collection software from Zoner Software for Windows XP/7/8 that comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The app continues to go from strength to strength with new ideas turning into added features as each new versions rolls out. With this software you can download images easily, share them with your friends, manage your collections, perform edits and use the creative tools to refine the results of your photography.


This app comes with an easy to use toolkit that will make it simple to start and find your way around. On startup a wizard will appear to guide users through their first steps within the program and with features, like the Panoramas and 3D photos, HDR, tone mapping and other quick-publishing tools, to start getting results within a matter of minutes.

Easy Access to Your Images

For owners of a digital camera, it is a simple matter to plug the USB cable into the PC and download your latest photos neatly into organized folders. The collections are then attractively displayed within the app, with easy access to various tools to adjust the images that you see.

Organizing Your Collections

As your photo collection grows, it is important to keep some sense of order to things, otherwise you'll end up with thousands of images with no sense of place.

With Zoner Photo Studio you can use tagging and good naming conventions to keep track of your images. They can be renamed as a batch to ensure consistency (all images from that last trip to Vegas can have "Vegas 2013" at the start of every filename from that trip, for instance) which can prove invaluable later.

Tags can also be used for descriptions, geo locations and much more. This is possible using EXIF data, the standardized way to add intelligent information to your image collections. This means that not only can you group and rename images by event, but you can also later perform a search for all Birthday of Christmas pictures and find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily. Perfect!

Editing Skills

When you're ready to start jazzing up your images with the latest filters and special effects, then the software is ready for you. There are a good selection of effects that can be added such as a tilt and shift, HDR, 3D or putting together a single panoramic collage shot from a set of images.

Whilst it is fair to say that few editing software packages can rival Photoshop, you are still spoiled for choice with the range of editing features provided. One benefit here is that this package is far less daunting to get to grips with for the non-professional than a complex package like Photoshop.

Keep Sharing

Zoner have put together their own online space for photo collections at "Zonerama". However don't despair. They also support Facebook, Flickr and Picasa too. The software makes it easy to hook into these web sites and upload your collections into your member pages.

Support and Formats

Managing image information is easy with Zoner Photo Studio, because the suite comes with support for EXIF, IPTC, and XMP file formats while taking maximum advantage of your computer power with the support for SSE, support for dual and quad core processors, GPU acceleration and 64-bit computing.


Zoner Photo Studio 15 is a mature photo package that offers a lot of bang for the buck. With a strong customer base and ongoing improvements to the software with incremental updates between major version changes, this application is really worth considering.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Few
  • Supported OS(es)  : Windows
  • Support  : Email

Photo Editing Software Features

  • Corrections  : Yes
  • Batch Editing  : Yes
  • Editing Effects  : Yes
  • 3D Support  : Yes
  • RAW Processing  : Yes
  • Editing Features  : Yes
  • Utilities  : Limited
  • Drawing Features  : Basic
  • Input Formats  : Many
  • Output Formats  : Many
  • Sharing  : Yes
  • Backups  : Auto
  • HDR Editing  : Yes
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