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Easy to use, lots of features, provides good looking results fast.


Lacks many features other professional image editors have which are considered necessary.


A very worthwhile graphics package. Certainly worth downloading the package on a 7 day trial and giving it a whirl with your selection of images.

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The Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 9 package is a full editing suite intended for photographers and graphic designers who need complete control over their imagery. Rather than being a cut down graphics editing mostly intended for use as a photo collection package, this is the real deal with a whole bevy of editing functions available.


The interface for version 9 has been updated with an all new tool bar with some visual tweaks. New options have been added such as the Mask and Region tools. There is a flying out animation that pushes out the extra tool options that are available, which saves on desktop space.


The new Mask & Region tools allow greater control of areas of a photo and vector image type. You can specify a region for an area that you wish to edit, but a mask is there to protect other content as well. It is also possible to remove any editing that has been done without damaging the original image, which is a nice feature for nervous editors.

A panorama feature lets you take several shots and turn them easily into one fluid image.

An interesting intelligent scaling option offers the ability to stretch or otherwise adjust a main image while keeping the focus of the image (a group of people, perhaps) unchanged. It's also possible to increase the size of the main focus while keeping the rest of the image in tact. Clever stuff.

Magic Erase

Magic Photo Erase is a useful tool that lets editors remove parts of an image that is undesirable for one reason or another. There are a number of different ways to use the tool and photo healing techniques can also be applied to improve old photos that have suffered through the ravages of time.

The Background Erase feature is also new to this version of the software. With it, it is a cinch to pull the background right out of the image altogether.

Graphic Design

Creating great looking web graphics is also a snap. Loaded with lots of slick templates it is easy to create the perfect buttons, logos, menus and even flash animations that will look great on any type of website.

Whatever graphics you need and whatever your skill level, the friendly user interface and fast processing of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer will make it an absolute pleasure to be creative. And at a price that won't break the bank.

When it comes to graphics this software knows their stuff. The easy to use interface makes creating professional looking results a breeze and the wide variety of features will appeal no matter if you are a novice or advanced user. With this software even the most novice user can come up with impressive results.


There is a 7 day trial to run through the features of the application before making the decision whether to make a purchase. This is shorter than most demos for this type of software (the 30 days trial is more common), but it is still long enough to get a good feel for the software.

Frequent Updates

The Xara package is frequently updated. In just the last couple of years the software has gone from version 6 up to version 9. Therefore, one can expect continued updates with new innovations and bug fixes where needed.


Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 9 is a well put together piece of software. It has some excellent editing features that are not difficult to learn how to use. To help you, the official web site has some explanation videos and does an excellent job of explaining the features with photos and diagrams before a software purchase has even been made. Very user-friendly approach to customers.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : Windows
  • Support  : 2

Photo Editing Software Features

  • Corrections  : Many
  • Batch Editing  : None
  • Editing Effects  : Many
  • 3D Support  : Limited
  • RAW Processing  : Yes
  • Editing Features  : Many
  • Utilities  : Many
  • Drawing Features  : Yes
  • Input Formats  : Many
  • Output Formats  : Many
  • Sharing  : None
  • Backups  : No
  • HDR Editing  : No
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