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Free, with the option to donate to the developer. Group of image editing options separated by image type (animated GIF, poster, etc.)


Limited range of image editing features that cannot compete with the big boys. Few pixel-level editing options.


Budget end of the market (it's free), so you cannot expect too much. Does a passable job of filtering and editing, but lacks quality and depth.

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Photoscape for Windows is up to version 3.6. The package is offered as a completely free download from the developer's web site, with the suggestion to consider donating if you find it useful.

Interface & Features

The interface for Photoscape is fairly basic. With that said, it is also quite unusual too. The main area initially has a circular series of icons depicting features within the program itself.

There are a number of main features including ones such as batch editing, playing with animated GIFs, photo montage and posters, creating a print document for magazines, and so on. With some of these features you can perform many of the same functions as with others, so there is some degree of overlap happening here. Whether this style of program segmentation works for you will be a personal choice.

Find and View

Finding and loading images through the viewer tool is a snap. The viewer itself is always visible in the upper left corner, while browsing through the many features.

The most used tools are available through a console. However, in compact mode it hides a wealth of features. For example, with the filter menu, many of the main items have sub menus with many extra options to explore.

Editing Options

There are some film effect filters and some other fancy things, but they are not always needed. It is possible to make minor adjustments here and there, but fine image adjustments right down to the pixel level is mostly not possible or ideal. Red-eye image correction, noise reduction and other common changes were present, but it has to be said that they did not perform their task all that well. However, there are enough photo effects, cropping and other actions that are possible which can help to improve the overall quality of your photo collection.

Similarly, there is no layers or history option here, so you cannot easily roll back actions or implement minor changes one layer at a time, adding and removing a single layer effect to consider it before final implementation. For this level of editing control, you'll need a much more powerful application.

Notable features include the frame-based animation tool, a splitter to divide a single larger image into a series of smaller ones, a screen capture, a color picker, batch renaming, and a RAW file converter to the jpeg image file type.


The old adage "you get what you pay for" is true here. As a free image editor, Photoscape does a good job. But it does falls down when getting down to the fine details on an image. This is certainly a step up from something like the Windows Paint app, but nowhere close to a sophisticated image editing app.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Yes
  • Supported OS(es)  : Windows
  • Support  : None

Photo Editing Software Features

  • Corrections  : Yes
  • Batch Editing  : Yes
  • Editing Effects  : None
  • 3D Support  : No
  • RAW Processing  : No
  • Editing Features  : Yes
  • Utilities  : Yes
  • Drawing Features  : None
  • Input Formats  : 100+
  • Output Formats  : 20+
  • Sharing  : None
  • Backups  : None
  • HDR Editing  : None
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