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Opening screen has many options, easy to process and organize images, 40 day free trial period.


Complex to use at first.


The program delivers as promised, but is not suited for casual users.

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Ashampoo is a software name you can trust. One look at their web site will remind you that they offer a wealth of system utilities, photo and video editing, and security apps for Windows. They have been at this a long time and it shows.

The Ashampoo Photo Commander 11 application is their photo collection and editing app which comes with too numerous features to mention them all. It will be a challenge for new users to get to grips with the software quickly. However, those that do put the time in will discover many different image effects and other tweaks that make the effort worth it.

User Interface

The initial feeling with the UI is a bit of overwhelm. It is a lot to take in at once, so it is best to do it in stages as you understand each part. Folders and images are clearly displayed, though thumbnails, especially video-based, can take a while to appear depending on how much horsepower your computer has. There are various controls for zooming in and out, the selected image shows in the center and the image information (EXIF data) is shown below the image, which is pleasingly logical.

Once you take your time with what you see, it begins to make sense but patience is definitely needed at first.

Performing Edits

Editing is one of the strongest features of this package with a wide array of filters and choices available. Clean skin, buttonize, emboss, and more than five very different retro effects are just some of the choices. There is a ton of different effects to play around with. Also, just like with other packages, you can adjusted the saturation, the hue and other color elements to deal with poor light conditions and other imperfections in the image.

Manage Your Collections

There is an "Organize" tab that provides many different ways to work with images. Single or multiple images can be watermarked, re-sized, rotated, converted at once. It is also possible to change the IPTC data to add keywords, credit the photographer, or add a copyright notice to protect your work.

Creating slide-shows is an easy task once you find your way around the GUI, as is the burning of images onto a DVD or CD. As a bonus, it is even possible to add images to any collection straight from the screen capturing tool; a convenient tool that without a doubt will come in handy on many occasions.


The how-to wizards and help file are a definite necessity in order to get the hang of the program, and are recommended to read first before getting started. But even with all the extensive help that comes with the package, the program will prove to be less intuitive than most other comparable software packages. This will without a doubt scare away novice users, but sophisticated users willing to invest the time will be happy with this powerful software suite and the highly effective set of tools it has to offer. Viewing some YouTube tutorial videos for this package would also help overcome the learning curve quicker and bring the benefits faster.


Photo Commander does an excellent job at many things, but it also is let down by poor coding practices that means it needs a fast PC to run smoothly. To compare, Google's own Picasa offers a lot of the same functionality (but not all of it) and runs much faster overall, so clearly speed improvements are possible here. However, for avid photographers who have a fast PC or who don't mind a slight delay with thumbnail displaying and image processing, then this application offers a lot to those who'll invest in it.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : Windows
  • Support  : Email

Photo Editing Software Features

  • Corrections  : Yes
  • Batch Editing  : Limited
  • Editing Effects  : 35+
  • 3D Support  : Yes
  • RAW Processing  : Yes
  • Editing Features  : Advanced
  • Utilities  : Yes
  • Drawing Features  : Basic
  • Input Formats  : Many
  • Output Formats  : Many
  • Sharing  : Yes
  • Backups  : Yes
  • HDR Editing  : No
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