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Portable Document Format, abbreviated as PDF, is a universal format supported by a variety of devices and operating systems. In today’s era of convergence, it is obvious that millions of people are using this format to access files from different gadgets and platforms. Although there are several rewards of using this format, the main reason for is world-wide usage is its versatility combined with high level of protection on the World Wide Web.

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Protection Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes No Yes No
Create Forms Yes Yes N/A No Yes No Yes No
Save Forms Yes Yes N/A No Yes Yes Yes No
OCR Support Yes No N/A Yes Yes No No No
Merge PDF Yes Yes N/A Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Create Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

PDF Converter Buying Guide.

It goes without saying that PDF is one of the most widely used file formats in the world along with Office and image formats. That said; it can be understood that the users often feel the need to switch between these formats through the process of conversion. This is where a PDF converter plays its role. It is a tool that is capable of converting files from PDF to other required formats and vice-versa.

Such a tool not only has the conversion power but others capabilities as well due to which it can be treated as a comprehensive PDF toolkit. These are certainly the points to consider while choosing a converting program so that you are blessed with the optimal satisfaction level at each of its use.

Optimal OCR Recognition

Nowadays, there are many PDF converters that come with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. This feature allows the tool to convert scanned documents and images perfectly for further editing. It is vital to have this utility because the chances of having scanned documents are always high in offices and homes. Moreover, without this utility, the tool might never ever convert the scanned documents with quality output.

Partial Conversion

Have you ever felt the need of converting only a few lines, paragraphs, or pages? This is evident when you need to convert only the important sections of a big document. In that case, you simply cannot afford to waste time by converting the entire document.

Therefore, look for a converter that enables you to select lines, paragraphs, or pages for conversion. Such a feature not only saves your time but also your efforts in creating a separate document by copying and pasting only the required content.

Mixed Conversion

Consider a scenario where you need to combine two Word pages, one Excel sheet table, and two PPT slides to form a PDF document to be sent to the client. As the most common solution, you will add these elements in a separate Word file and then add to the tool for conversion in PDF. However, this is an extra effort you take, which demands time, patience, and precision.

In order to save that extra effort of yours, a modern PDF converter can automate the same task. Yes! There are PDF converters that can fuse the content from different formats and convert them into one PDF file. This is really useful for presentation and document makers.

Batch Processing

In case you have 20 files to be converted, you simply cannot afford to have 20 clicks on the ‘Convert’ button. This is simply not efficient! Therefore, your converter should be such that it can process all 20 files at once to give you 20 different outputs at just one click of the ‘Convert’ button. This is actually known as batch processing.

Having this feature saves a lot of time for those who work in bulk with the different file formats on a regular basis. Moreover, professionals hardly have that much time to be spent on such a task.

Multimedia Support

Nowadays, there will be hardly any document that will not have multimedia such as videos, audio, hyperlinks, and images. Therefore, your converter tool should be such that it can add all these elements to the output without compromising on the quality. There is no point in having a tool that takes care only of textual content, right?

Multi-platform Support

PDF itself is a portable format, so its tool should also be platform-independent; isn’t it? Because you are bound to work on different platforms such as Windows and Mac, it makes sense to buy a platform-independent tool.

Multi-processing Support

An ideal converter is the one that allows opening, reading, editing, securing, and reviewing PDFs in its own interface. This means you should not feel the need to use another PDF tool to work with the PDFs. Now, that’s a perfect toolkit for you!

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