Kaspersky Password Manager Review


Can log you into a Windows application, not just web sites. Access via PC, USB stick or smartphone connected to PC via Bluetooth. Lock vault when Bluetooth device is disconnected.


Windows-only. No Windows 8 support noted on official site.


Windows version of password manager. Some useful features but also rather restrictive.

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The Kaspersky Password Manager represents an attempt by a big name software producer to muscle in on long established password manager turf and try to outdo LastPass and Roboform.

Windows Only

This Windows-only app, that comes with a 1-user or 2-user management option, will appeal to software buyers who like to purchase packaged software off the shelf from a software company they have heard of before. Presently the app is only compatible with Windows Vista, XP and 7, though some information outside of the official site suggests that the app may also run on Windows 8 too.

The password manager runs through web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer, but does not support other browsers like Opera which currently has the best CSS 3 standards support.

Password Vault

Passwords are stored in a "vault". This can be accessed in one of three ways. The first is through the Windows PC, the second is via a USB stick and the third is when a smartphone is connected via Bluetooth. A smartphone can be used for extra security as a kind of security key all its own, whereby the vault can be unlocked only when the smartphone is connected and locks automatically again when the Bluetooth connection is lost or terminated. This can be a very valuable feature for parents with nosy kids and for general security purposes.

The random password generator is useful for creating completely random passwords for use with Windows apps and online web sites.

Encryption and Phishing Protection

The encryption features have more options than many other password managers. A user can choose the encryption provider and the type of algorithm to use from a provided list.

Kaspersky Password Manager also makes an attempt to ensure that visited web sites are not phishing sites that attempt to get your confidential information. A database of bad web sites is accessed and checked against sites when they are being visited.

The software is impressive with some of its features, but lacks versions for other platforms like Mac or Linux, and there are presently no mobile versions at all. If you stick to Windows pretty exclusively, then this password manager may be of interest.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Yes
  • Supported OS(es)  : 1

Password Manager Features

  • Auto Fill  : Yes
  • Data Encryption  : Yes
  • Form Filler  : Yes
  • Browser Button  : Yes
  • Search Data  : Yes
  • Auto Save  : Yes
  • Mobile Apps  : No
  • Backup/ Restore  : Basic
  • USB Support  : Yes
  • Access Anywhere  : No
  • Master Password  : Yes
  • Password Generator  : Yes
  • Browser Sync  : Yes
  • Secure Notes  : Yes
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