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Both PC and USB thumb drive versions, sold separately. Bookmarks Manager. Send password archive to your email account.


No Mac or Linux option. No mobile version either. No cloud storage for passwords. No Bluetooth integration. Not updated since longer.


Most of the features one comes to expect from a good password manager are present, but often less well featured than with better known password apps. Useful USB version. Not enabled for smart devices.

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HandyPassword is a Windows-based application and comes in both a PC and a USB edition. These are sold separately for the same cost or as a bundle for a discounted one. Both versions of the software are available for download as a trial for 30 days before deciding whether to purchase.

The app installs as a web browser add-on or extension for Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and creates a new toolbar for each browser. This toolbar has a Google search box, a fill form fields button, save button, and auto-submit button. A list of bookmarks are also shown.

Encryption for the login information and other data is possible up to 128-bit encryption. This is sufficient, but other password managers do offer over 500-bit encryption from algorithms like Blowfish and some into the thousands of bits for the ultimate cryptography protection. 

This browser-based app can generate random passwords to help strengthen the passwords used around the web, keep a bookmark manager to save your favorites in a convenient location, with auto-login and auto-form filling too. 

It is also possible to configure the software to access your online email account of choice, create an archive of your stored information and then send the archive to your email account. This may not be quite as useful as being able to store the archive in an online cloud service, but it's still a useful feature to have.

The Portable Password Manager can be easily added to a USB thumb drive so that one can take all their logins with them. The USB drive has be inserted into a USB slot, used for secure web surfing, and then all trace of the information revealed will be wiped from that PC once the USB drive is removed again. 

Just like with the desktop version, the password archive can also be stored in your email account, and the archived file can be downloaded to refresh your Portable Password Manager as and when it's needed.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Yes
  • Supported OS(es)  : 1

Password Manager Features

  • Auto Fill  : Yes
  • Data Encryption  : Yes
  • Form Filler  : Yes
  • Browser Button  : Toolbar
  • Search Data  : Yes
  • Auto Save  : Yes
  • Mobile Apps  : No
  • Backup/ Restore  : No
  • USB Support  : Yes
  • Access Anywhere  : No
  • Master Password  : Yes
  • Password Generator  : Yes
  • Browser Sync  : Limited
  • Secure Notes  : No
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