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Hardened security browser offered for financial websites. Trusted brand.


Version 1.0 of new software, complete with expected bugs and limited features. Cannot categorize list of saved websites or search them.


Early stages for this password manager, but for those people who already own other TrendMicro products from their security range, this new app may hold some appeal.

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TrendMicro is well known for their "Titanium" range of anti-virus and security products. Now, they have stepped into the login/password storage arena.

The TrendMicro DirectPass has two main versions:

The first is their free version which is limited to an uncomfortable 5 logins only. Even the most casual web user is likely to need more than that during a trial.

The second version is their unrestricted edition with unlimited logins saved, which is available in one or 2 years time period.

The app is primarily available for Windows- and Mac-based computers, but it also has a free iOS and Android mobile app version for ultimate password portability.

The login information is encrypted and stored online in the cloud. For people who are not good at coming up with strong passwords, the software's password generator is useful and also customizable to customer specifications. A collection of login/password combinations can be imported from LastPass password manager too.


One of the biggest appeals of this package is the security-hardened web browser that is included with the app. This ensures that financial sites such as brokers and banks are safe to access. This is useful because many people add various add-ons or extensions to their web browser, with information openly shared with the makers of these little pieces of software. Occasionally, an add-on will hit the download market that is less secure or comes from an unsafe source that is after your security information; using a standalone browser just for financial sites therefore adds a welcome extra layer of protection.

Additional features include keystroke encryption to defeat keystroke loggers, automatic form-filling and confidential notes.


Where TrendMicro struggles is that this is the first public version of this software. As such, some features are missing. You cannot categorize, sort through and run a search on a list of saved web site logins. This makes it difficult to find a saved site to make changes later. More concerning, if running through a change password feature on a web site, the software does not pick up on this and offer to update the saved password to the new one. This is something that LastPass and other more seasoned password managers do pick up on. Password capture did not happen on every site and personal data stored did not get added to sign up forms on all occasions. So clearly there are some wrinkles to work out yet.

General Information

  • Special Features  : None
  • Supported OS(es)  : 1+2

Password Manager Features

  • Auto Fill  : Yes
  • Data Encryption  : Yes
  • Form Filler  : Yes
  • Browser Button  : Yes
  • Search Data  : Yes
  • Auto Save  : No
  • Mobile Apps  : Yes
  • Backup/ Restore  : No
  • USB Support  : No
  • Access Anywhere  : No
  • Master Password  : Yes
  • Password Generator  : Yes
  • Browser Sync  : Yes
  • Secure Notes  : No
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