Password Manager Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Password managers are software that help to store password securely and effectively. These tools can make life easy offering features like one-click password and form filling, store password with master password, encrypted copy of your password and access from anywhere. Below are some of the top password managers compared.

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Product Name Roboform Pro 1Password LastPass Sticky Password SplashID Safe Kaspersky Password Manager DirectPass HandyPassword
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Pricing US$ 9.95 US$ 49.99 US$ 12/yr US$ 12/yr US$ 19.95 US$ 24.95 US$ 14.95/Yr US$ 29.92
General Information
Supported OS(es) 2+6 2+2 2+5 1+2 2+6 1 1+2 1
Special Features Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes None Yes
Password Manager Features
Auto Save Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Browser Button Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Toolbar
Form Filler Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Fill Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Master Password Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data Encryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Browser Sync Yes Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Limited
Mobile Apps Yes Yes Yes 2 7 No Yes No
Backup/ Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Basic No No
USB Support Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Access Anywhere Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Password Generator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Data Data Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure Notes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Password Manager Software Guide

If you go back a few years ago, passwords were not much of an issue. Few people were thinking of trying to get to the information stored on your home computer, mobiles were small flip phones, and security was not an issue. Fast forward a few years, laptops have been overtaken by smartphones and tablets, as the world goes more mobile, taking their data with them. This creates a lot of issues of security to consider.

Too Many Passwords To Remember

There are so many passwords to remember now for websites that it has become too difficult to remember them all. Many online users use one or only  a handful of passwords on many popular sites, which leaves them open to attack should any of these sites experience a security breach. This opened the door to the need for comprehensive password managers apps that could save your login information, monitor when you access a web site and log in for you. Brilliant.

Set Strong Passwords & Remember One Master Password

Almost all password managers work with a single master password, which unlocks their “vault” of your login/password information. Password generators are usually included in every app, which create a truly random sequence of characters to use as a password for a site. This usually could not be remembered, but the beauty of it is, the app remembers for you.

Beyond the one password approach, there are now some new features with some apps for people with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Connect to a PC with your smartphone or tablet, and the app on the PC unlocks; take your mobile device away from the PC and the Bluetooth connection will be lost... then your password manager locks up. This new added feature on some password apps makes it safer for those times when you walk away from the PC and forget to lock the screen first.

Passwords & More…

Recently, password managers have extended their features to include secure note taking and storing personal information like credit card numbers, passport numbers, software registration codes, and much more.

Where Do You Need Your Log In Information?

It is a good idea before you start to save your login information into a password manager, to think about where you will need to access the password manager? Some applications work only on a Windows PC, others work on a Mac as well. Some applications have a iPhone app, whereas others have mobile apps for Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. There is also the option to carry around a USB version of some password managers, which is useful to use on a friend's PC or an insecure PC in a Internet café.

Where Will Your Passwords Be Stored?

Depending on the password manager, the passwords are usually encrypted but where they are stored varies. For some desktop apps, a local database is created on the hard disk. Other apps will allow you to archive a copy of your login information and save it to your email account. More often though, Dropbox and other cloud storage services can be used to maintain access to your database of login information wherever you are.









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