Partition Manager Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Partitioning is not for a newbie; that is why countless people always ask the system administrators to do the needful. In case some experience is gained by learning, these people then go ahead and use the built-in disk management utility of Windows.

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Product Name Paragon Partition Manager EaseUs Partition Manager Acronis Disk Director AOMEI Partition Assistant Spotmau Partition Genius Bootit Bare Metal Minitool Partition Wizard O&O Partition Manager AvanQuest Partition Commander
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Pricing US$ 39.95 US$ 39.95 US$ 49.95 US$ 36.00 US$ 39.95 US$ 39.95 US$ 29.00 US$ 29.95 US$ 49.95
General Information
Supported OS(es) 4 5+ 3 Many 3 All Windows 5 4 3
Special Features Many Yes Yes Many - Many Many Few Few
Partition Management Features
Supported Partitions 7 6 7 5 3 6 5 3 8
Basic Partitioning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advance Partitioning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes
Convert Partitions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited
Cloning Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Limited
Backup / Restore Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Basic Yes
Backup destinations Any Local Local 2 Local Local Local Limited Local
Redistribute Space Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes
Supported Devices Many Many Limited Many Many Many Limited Limited Limited

Points to Consider While Buying a Partition Manager

However, this utility tool is a standard one that does not support advanced tasks such as merging or splitting partitions. This is where the need of buying a professional or advanced partition manager is felt. Well, buying the most suitable partition manager is not that easy because there are many varieties of such tools available in the market.

Most of these tools differ in terms of features and price. Therefore, let us consider the features that you need to look for while selecting the right partition manager.

Wizard-based Tasks

If you are about to use a partition manager for the first time, select a program that offer wizards to perform the different partitioning tasks such as creating, formatting, restructuring, and backing up partitions. Instead of searching the menus and panels for options, these wizards take you step by step for performing the desired tasks.

Disk, OS, and Drive Compatibility

Your partition manager should be able to work on any Windows platform in case you are using the Windows operating system. Ideally, it should also work on Windows 8. Further, it should support dynamic, GUID Partition Table (GPT), and Master Boot Record (MBR) disk style.

In addition, the tool should support any disk types such as FAT, RAID, Linux EXT, and NFTS. Apart from that, there should be no withdrawal from working on devices having SATA, USB, and SCI interfaces. Having such comprehensive independence means that you are investing in an all-inclusive tool that will aid you in any situation.

Advanced Partitioning

Choose a tool that not only performs basic partitioning tasks such as creating and deleting but also that facilitates advanced tasks such as splitting, resizing, cloning, aligning, backing up, recovering, and migrating partitions. The need of these tasks is on the rise nowadays, especially in the business and networking fields.

Multiple-boot System Management

One of the main purposes of partitioning is to install multiple operating systems on a single system. Therefore, an ideal partitioning manager is the one that allows creating multiple partitions and installing different operating system on each of them.

Bootable CD Facility

There are situations when you wish to recover the partitions that are affected by a failure, virus attack, and malfunctioning of an application. However, it may so happen that your operating system is affected and it fails to boot. It is exactly in this case where a bootable CD can help you manage disk partitions.

Health Checkup

A smart partition manager is the one that can predict an unwanted event such as failure, which can harm the disk. This will help you to safeguard the disk from such events in a proactive manner. So, look for this capability as well!

Multi-Language Support

Select a tool that is available in more than one language, especially if you have people around you who also will be using it and are familiar with a specific language only. This will make your investment smarter and more productive!









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