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Easy to use. Multi-user. Hard to circumvent.


No remote access, a lengthy setup configuration process.


An easy to use and very complete parental control tool. Offers free trial too.

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Other than not having a name that just trips off the tongue, Qustodio happens to be one of the more fully featured parental control apps around, although its lack of a remote access option may be a sticking point for some parents who do not have the technical knowledge or patience to wade through activity log files.

Qustodio Installation

With the main desktop software for Windows XP, 7 or 8 or the Mac OS X version, the software installs via the web browser and so it is suggested that all browser windows are shut down before attempting installation. This will ensure that the installation process is completed and surfing is fully protected by the software.

Be prepared to field quite a few questions as you work your way through the detailed installation process. It's not a couple of screens and you're done. Instead, the intention is to setup a properly configured parental control process right from the start, so consider the questions carefully. The software works on the basis of individual profiles, so depending on the number of planned users, there could be several profiles to setup during the installation.


Right from the start, Qustodio already has an enviable number of web sites on its inappropriate list, but as the internet continues to grow, new sites can be added by parents as time goes on.

The software can outright block offending web sites, check email and monitor social media activity. There is also the choice to create a time limit for daily internet activity. Log files are then created for activities, which can be viewed any time.

Mobile Apps

Qustodio comes with a wide range of mobile apps to compliment the desktop options with Windows and Mac. App versions are available for the Android platform, the iOS platform supporting the iPhone, iPod, and iPad tablet, as well as a newer app for the Amazon Kindle reader device.

Easy To Use?

Configuring of the software is fully completed during the setup phase, so there is very little to modify later. That said, delving into the options in order to make some minor modification is also easy to perform later.

Support In Multiple Flavors

Support for the application is available in various formats. Quite complete FAQs are present, a community-based option for throwing out questions open for fellow users to respond to, and also the Qustodio team are available via email too.

Final Thoughts

Qustodio is a free software package that does a lot for the money. A bit more secure than some parental control software packages which makes more difficult for whizz kids to circumvent.

Qustodio is a complete parental control package that is secure and hard to circumvent by your children, even the tech savvy ones. Even though the software is free, it comes with adequate support and the software itself is easy to use once you have taken the time to set it up properly during the installation process.

The software does everything we have seen from the commercial packages. However, unlike many commercial parental control tools out there, Qustodio does not appear to have the option to access it remotely, which is a serious downside because now parents can only find out what their kids have been up to after the fact through the log files that are generated.

General Information

  • Special Features  : Many
  • Supported OS(es)  : 4

Parental Control Features

  • Internet Filter  : Advanced
  • Block Pornography  : Yes
  • Time Management  : Yes
  • Mask Profanity  : No
  • Social Monitoring  : Yes
  • Alerts  : Yes
  • Remote Admin  : Yes
  • User Profiles  : Yes
  • Search filtering  : Yes
  • Chat & IM Control  : Yes
  • Reports  : Yes
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Qustodio User Reviews

No remote access. useless!

Reviewed by Michael Britten on 2015-05-25 10:32:03

I'm a sales exec and have to travel most days of the week. and that was the reason for installing Qustodio on my kids' phones. What i realized after installing (which litelrally took me 3 hours to get it right!!!) that it does not support remote access. Measn there was no way I could track my kids or their phone data from my own PC or web. What utter crap!!! It was tricky and buggy. features were great but I had this major issue with it and it was useless for me. Don't get tricked into buying the app, if you want remotel control, go for FamilyTime. I've been using it and it's pretty ok for an app. not too many features but at least you can use it from any device with the internet.







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