Parental Control Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Today there are many parental control software packages available and all of them cover the basic features. However, most packages come with their own unique abilities as well. Therefore, when selecting a parental control software package the question should be asked: What it will be used for? Below are some of the top Parental Control software compared.

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Product Name NetNanny Qustodio SentryPC SafeEyes KidsWatch Salfeld Child Control AVG Family Safety Norton Family
Website Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit
Pricing US$ 39.99 US$ 44.95 US$ 49.95 US$ 49.95 US$ 45.95 US$ 29.95 US$ 49.99 US$ 49.99
Parental Control Features
Time Management Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mask Profanity Yes No Yes Yes No No No No
Social Monitoring Yes Yes Limited Advanced No No Yes Yes
Alerts Yes Yes Web Based Email Email No Email Email
Remote Admin Yes Yes Limited Yes No Yes Yes Basic
User Profiles Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes No
Search filtering Yes Yes Yes Advanced Yes Limited No Yes
Chat & IM Control Monitor Yes Monitor Yes Monitor Limited Basic No
Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet Filter Yes Advanced Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Block Pornography Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
General Information
Supported OS(es) 4 4 Windows 2 1 Windows Windows 3
Special Features Many Many Many Many Yes Few Yes Yes

Parental Control Software Guide

Parents are beginning to realize the extent of the danger that the internet opens up to their kids. With anyone able to launch a web site with whatever type of content that they like, including adult oriented and other inappropriate content, it is becoming harder to control what influences the kids fall under.

Parental control software is the latest attempt by software corporations to offer a solution to this growing problem. Such applications can contain a list of restricted sites, block whole categories of sites (like adult, gambling, gaming, etc.) and provide a wealth of other options to help protect impressionable kids from that big bad internet world out there before they're better able to protect themselves. After all, you cannot look over their shoulder the whole time.

Free, Trial or Paid?

The majority of the parental control software available is of the paid variety usually with a price point of around $49.99 for 3 PC licenses. That said, there are several applications that do offer trial versions or free more feature-limited versions. One such commendable one is the Norton Family app, which strips out the reporting features that parents rely upon, but still offers better than a trial version to look over before making the purchase of the Premier version which includes extensive reporting features.

Web Site Filtering Subscriptions

For the more advanced software companies that continually add new web sites to their database of restricted web sites, they often either sell the software on a yearly basis or separate out the initial purchase of the software from a yearly web site filtered list subscription (much like is popular with anti-virus software).

Software Platforms

All major applications offer Windows compatibility, however not all have confirmed compatibility with the latest Windows 8. If you own a copy of the latest Windows operating system, it may be necessary to verify with company staff before making a purchase.

Some packages also feature support for the Mac OX X operating system, most often through using the Safari web browser.

No notable parental control app provider offers a version for Linux.


In many cases, a license will be provided with product purchase that provides for up to 3 PC installations. In the case of at least one software provider, SentryPC based in Germany, this was restricted to computer in different residences/offices, or else a separate package should be bought for each location. Quite often additional licenses could be purchased for larger-sized families.

Mobile Apps

At least half the parental control desktop applications lacked a mobile app to accompany it or lacked support for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Only the largest software providers who already offer a wide variety of software packages dug deeper and offered a wider variety of mobile apps.

Remote Access

Remote access provides web-based or mobile app-based options to monitor kids activities away from the kid's PC. One would have expected all major parental control apps to offer this option, but some came up lacking. If this is of particular interest, then look out for mention of this feature within the reviews.

Monitoring & Reporting

The level of monitoring of web sites, social media sites, immediate messages, emails, and other activities varies considerably between software packages.

There is a little less variability when it comes to reporting, though packages like the Norton Family Premier package does a better than average job with the range of reporting available and provides an Android app that extends this monitoring to the smart device too.


Parents would be wise to familiarize themselves with the different types of parental control software packages available, the pros and cons of each, and make the best purchasing decision based on their perceived needs. There are notable differences between applications and some options like remote access are lacking in some offerings. Other apps have additional controls to prevent a savvy child from modifying the operating system to get around the restrictions without the parents knowing.

No remote access. useless!

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