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Works with all operating systems, easy sync system, strong security and mobile apps.


Limited storage, no file preview.


Good cloud storage with widespread support but lacks a few important features.

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SugarSync may not be the most well known of cloud storage systems however it has changed itself in recent years and has built up a loyal base of customers. It offers a fairly robust and comprehensive system of backing up files and hosting them on an online secure server for access on multiple devices.

Platforms and Compatibility

Indeed, the vast array of operating systems that SugarSync is able to be used on is one of the main reasons that many people use it. Some cloud storage systems are quite limited in regard to what systems they are compatible with however this is a bit different with SugarSync as it works on Windows, Macs, Android, iPhones and Blackberry devices, meaning that you can access your files in any number of ways.

Sync and Access

The fact that you can sync the files across multiple devices is another good selling point of SugarSync and you are able to access your files from any device that is compatible with the service.


Security is a major worry with a cloud service; can you trust them to encrypt your files? Some do not have sufficient security and while SugarSync may not have NASA levels of encryption, it is a safe cloud service and there have been no security breaches of note throughout its time as a storage solution. It does use the same kind of encryption that banks use for their transactions so there should be no issues with people being able to obtain access to your files.

No Previews

SugarSync undoubtedly has its good points however it does suffer from some negative issues. Not being able to preview files is a niggling problem that, while it doesn’t completely put people off, is an issue that should be resolved. If you have shared a folder with someone – photographs perhaps – then being able to fully view them without downloading the file would be ideal although they are working on this.


Furthermore, SugarSync does not have unlimited storage. Personal users can get up to 250GB for a price, while businesses can get up to 1TB. Even though it is not unlimited, this is actually quite a lot of storage capacity compared to the rest of the market as a whole and isn’t small by any means. The downside is that some other cloud storage services offer unlimited space for a cheaper price.


SugarSync is a reliable cloud storage service. It features good sync options, is mobile and operating system friendly and only has a few minor issues that prevent it from being a more complete service.

Online Storage Features

  • Storage  : Limited
  • Data Security  : Many
  • File Versioning  : Yes
  • Compatibility  : All
  • Sync Computers  : Yes
  • Full PC Restore  : No
  • File Manager  : Yes
  • Supported Docs  : Any
  • Backup Options  : Limited
  • Sharing Options  : Yes
  • Support  : 2
  • Special Features  : Yes
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