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Cannot set file permissions.


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The emergence of online storage and backup services has allowed us to ensure that a system crash on our PC or laptop is not as catastrophic as it once was. With services such as MyPCBackup amongst others, we can automatically upload our files to an online storage facility and access them across multiple systems.


One of the things that many of us forget to do is to backup our files on our computer, however MyPCBackup has found a way around this by allowing the user to schedule a time for backing up folders and files. This essentially removes the 'I forgot to backup' mistakes that have plagued so many people in the past. Indeed, one major benefit that this service has over others is that it has unlimited backup options rather than being restricted to a certain amount of storage space and having to choose which files are more important than others.


Security is another major issue around backup and online storage services. Would you want to upload files that contain sensitive information onto a server? MyPCBackup is one of the most secure on the internet as they use a heavily encrypted secure server. The encryption method that is used is along the same lines as the ones used by banks for online banking and as so many people are happy to do this on a daily basis, then uploading files onto the MyPCBackup servers will not pose any security issues.

Access and Compatibility

Having complete access to your files is also important. This service allows you to sync the files across several computers. So, for instance, you can upload a file on your laptop at home and then transfer it to or access it from your computer in work. This allows for great sharing potential with a simple drag and drop system.

File Permissions

One drawback is that it doesn’t allow you to set file permissions. The service won’t let you share a file and deny those who have sharing permissions in the folder from being able to edit the file, although this is quite a small downside in an otherwise well rounded online storage service; indeed, MyPCBackup are working on resolving this issue as per their website.

Unlimited Space

Unlimited space is obviously the main benefit of MyPCBackup but the service benefits from so much more; automating the backup and uploading process in addition to syncing multiple computers to your account and folder structure make MyPCBackup the leading online storage facility at the minute.

Online Storage Features

  • Storage  : Unlimited
  • Data Security  : Yes
  • File Versioning  : Yes
  • Compatibility  : All
  • Sync Computers  : Yes
  • Full PC Restore  : Yes
  • File Manager  : Yes
  • Supported Docs  : All
  • Backup Options  : Many
  • Sharing Options  : Yes
  • Support  : 2
  • Special Features  : Many
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