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Heavily encrypted, automatic backup, mobile access, multi system sync.


Limited storage, storage service cannot be shut down.


User friendly backup solution with heavy encryption and security, but with limited storage options that limit it's value long term.

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As online backup is fast becoming the norm these days and using external hard drives is become less common to ensure that everyday files or sensitive documents are kept secure, there are a multitude of options available. Choosing one can be difficult as while they all offer fundamentally the same service there are differences between each one which can have a big effect on their usage. Mozy is one of the more popular data backup services online but how does it compare feature wise?


Perhaps the biggest draw to Mozy is the fact that it is the best encrypted online storage system at the minute as it uses a military style Blowfish 448 bit encryption system. Essentially, your files are safe and secure on Mozy regardless of what happens. The system also uses an automatic backup feature that means any files you modify, move or create in the synced folders will automatically be uploaded to Mozy and will be stored without you having to do anything. This is great for those of us who forget to backup.


The system also offers mobile access. This is a feature that many online storage systems have been trying to incorporate recently due to the powerful nature of the new smartphones and tablets. Mozy has released apps for both iPhones and Android devices. This means you can upload, view and even edit your files from your smartphone or tablet which is a big selling point for the service. Basically you can access your files from any device that is linked to your Mozy account regardless if it is the one which you uploaded the file from.

Backup Automation

While this is not really a big deal to the average user - one of the main points of Mozy is that it backs up your data if you forget - although some people like to have an element of control over the programs and the fact that it cannot be shut down is a slight drawback. Furthermore, unlike some other back up services, Mozy has an upload storage limit of 50GB per PC or 125GB spread over 3. While other services allow you unlimited storage Mozy caps it, however it is generally more than an average user will be able to upload.


Mozy is a high end online storage solution. It has a couple of drawbacks that prevent it from being top of the class however its super encryption means that any files on the system will be as secure as any sensitive military information.

Online Storage Features

  • Storage  : Limited
  • Data Security  : Yes
  • File Versioning  : Yes
  • Compatibility  : Yes
  • Sync Computers  : Yes
  • Full PC Restore  : Yes
  • File Manager  : Yes
  • Supported Docs  : All
  • Backup Options  : Yes
  • Sharing Options  : No
  • Support  : 3
  • Special Features  : Many
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