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Impressive plans for personal & business users. File permission controls that other storage solutions lack. 10TB+ storage capacity. Apps. Trial period.


No free user option; all paid plans. 14 day trial period a little short.


LiveDrive offers a comprehensive set of storage plans. Prices are reasonable, storage high. Business features miss nothing out. Superb offering.

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LiveDrive wants to be taken seriously as a cloud storage service; very seriously. Rather than offer a single storage plan with a limited amount of space that can be boosted be a few gigabytes (GB's), this service has multiple plans that go up into the multiple terabytes (TB's) range. I have to admit, that got my attention.

The home page grabs you right away with a bold offer of "Unlimited storage". As you roll a mouse over the four plans noted there, different storage limits running into the terabytes show up, which meant the plans were quite different from each other. So I delved deeper to find out more.

Customer accounts as divided between home and business use. All accounts offer a two week trial period.

Home Users

For home use, there are three plans to choose from: Backup, Briefcase and Pro Suite. The monthly pricing for these plans start at $6, $12 and $19 respectively.

The Backup plan is intended purely as a backup facility in the cloud. Unlimited data storage, easy file restoration any time and view your files from anywhere. This plan supports a single PC, with no syncing between PCs or separate cloud storage space for more flexible use. LiveDrive supports music streaming straight from the LiveDrive however.

The Briefcase plan offers 2 terabytes (TB’s) of cloud storage, with syncing between computers, email files straight to your LiveDrive, edit files right within your browser, and with the retention of 30 versions of each file and a 30 day storage for deleted files too.

The Pro Suite plan offers 5 terabytes (TB's) of cloud storage, backup facilities for up to five PCs, the ability to backup NAS devices & network storage, in addition to the features of the Briefcase plan.

Business Users

For business users, there are just two plans: Express or Standard. The pricing here starts at $37 and $125 per month, respectively.

The Express plan offers a 2TB of cloud storage for offices with networked computers, 3 user accounts, individual file & folder permissions, sharing controls, web monitoring of backups, individual user storage space, mobile apps, and additional cloud access via FTP, SFTP and WebDAV.

The Standard plan offers 10TB of cloud storage (expandable in 1TB chunks for $6.25 per month), 10 user accounts (with more available for $11.75 per user, per month), and all the facilities already in the Express plan too.

Mobile Apps & Security Features

There are web browser add ons for the PC and Mac, as well as methods to gain access to your cloud storage on Ubuntu Linux too. Additionally, there are mobile apps available for the Apple iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and WebOS platforms.

Security is also strong when using LiveDrive which has an AES-256 military grade encryption protocol that is used on all files.


There are very few cloud storage solutions that do such a good job of offering a higher level of storage for business. The business solutions here are extremely capable and expandable with an impressed array of features like networked storage, permission control and multiple users. Both storage and users can be expanded as business requirements change. The personal plans are not too shabby either with a plain backup option, as well as 2TB and 5TB storage options. None of the plans are free, but they all come with a 14 day trial period.

Online Storage Features

  • Storage  : Limited
  • Data Security  : Yes
  • File Versioning  : 30
  • Compatibility  : Any
  • Sync Computers  : Yes
  • Full PC Restore  : No
  • File Manager  : Yes
  • Supported Docs  : All
  • Backup Options  : Limited
  • Sharing Options  : Yes
  • Support  : 2
  • Special Features  : Yes
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