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User friendly, multiple sync, bandwidth optimized, mobile access and OS flexible.


Past security breaches, low storage space.


A solid online storage system but suffers from low storage space and past security problems.

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Dropbox is one of the more popular storage systems for the average computer use. While it is not the most widely used, it does boast over 100 million current users and is popular among a great number of people.

User Friendly

This popularity stems from the fact that it is incredibly user friendly. It uses an easy drag and drop system with a clean interface; Dropbox allows any level of computer user to easily use the backup system and store their files online. Indeed, the service also allows you to access files across a number of devices so it is easy to save a file on Dropbox at work and then access it again when you want to use it at home on your laptop.


The storage service is actually one of the best online storage systems in regards to efficiency. When you update a file, it does not automatically change the whole file within the cloud storage. Instead, only the part of the file that has changed will be uploaded and the original file is then updated with the changes. So, if you have a long report for example and just edit 2 pages then only these 2 pages will be uploaded to the original rather than the whole file again as some storage systems do. This can lead to a considerable reduction in bandwidth usage over time, as well speeding up the time it takes for each uploaded update to finish transferring data. This especially helps people with slow internet connections or who are only connected for limited periods of time and still want their data backed up.


Dropbox is also available on many operating systems. It currently supports Windows, Linux and Mac platforms as well as mobile systems such as Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and MeeGo. This makes Dropbox one of the most user friendly and cross-compatible storage systems available at the minute.

That being said, it does come with a few drawbacks.


Since 2011 there have been a few security issues surrounding Dropbox. This stemmed from a security breach in 2011 where user accounts on the service could be accessed without a password; it lasted for several hours and raised concerns over how secure the system was. Since then massive efforts have been underway to ensure this does not happen again and encryption has been improved too. While it may not be as good as Mozy for security, it is now a secure storage facility once again but still blighted by past breaches.

Storage Space

In addition, its upload capacity is little low compared to other services. Even with the paid plans, other storage solutions offer more gigabytes for your money and the free plan of 2GB is for casual users (although it can be improved with referrals and bonuses).


Dropbox is a good mid-range online storage facility that, even though it has had its past problems, still maintains a healthy user base.

Online Storage Features

  • Storage  : Limited
  • Data Security  : Many
  • File Versioning  : Yes
  • Compatibility  : All
  • Sync Computers  : Yes
  • Full PC Restore  : Yes
  • File Manager  : Yes
  • Supported Docs  : All
  • Backup Options  : Automated
  • Sharing Options  : Yes
  • Support  : Tickets
  • Special Features  : Many
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