Online Dating Reviews & Comparisons 2014

There are hundreds of dating sites available today which can help to find your soulmate based on your profile, age, race, nationality, interests and much more. Here are some leading match making sites compared with their features.

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Product Name eHarmony Christian Mingle Plenty of Fish SpeedDate How About We
Website Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit Visit
Pricing US$ 34.95 US$ 59.95 US$ 29.95 US$ 30 US$ 0.00 US$ 49.95 US$ 39.95 US$ 49.95 US$ 21.99
Online Dating Service Features
Free Trial 7-days 7 Days 3 Days None N/A 14 Days None None None
Search by Sex Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search by Age Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search by Location Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Matches Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
Search by Keyword Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Mobile Dating Yes Yes Yes Apps Apps Apps Yes Yes Apps
Chat Yes Yes Yes No Yes No Yes No No
Approx Users 22+ Mil 20+ Million 19 Million 10 Mil 20+ Mil 8 Million 13 Mil 6 Mil 2 Mil
Send Message Paid Paid Only Paid Only Paid Free Paid Paid Paid Paid
Send Winks Anyone Yes Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
1 Month Price 34.99 59.95 39.99 29.99 11.80 49.95 39.95 49.95 21.99
3 Months Price 59.85 119.85 77.97 59.95 35.40 99.95 89.85 119.95 38.97
6 Months Price 101.84 179.7 119.94 89.95 51 159.95 161.7 239.7 59.95
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Whether you are looking for fun singles or your soul mate, online dating sites can help you discover who is available in your area and match you with some truly compatible individuals. Unfortunately there are countless dating sites available for you to join, and many of them require you to pay expensive monthly fees before unlocking their full features!

Deciding which sites to join and which to avoid can be costly and time consuming, fortunately following the simple guidelines listed below can significantly help narrow down your options. Continue reading for dating site guidelines!

Determine A Style

When choosing the right dating site, you need to first look at how you prefer to meet people. Traditional dating sites will take you through an encompassing personality test, and then present you with a list of compatible matches within your criteria whom you can then message.

There are quite a few other types of dating sites however. will immediately allow you to instant message users for several minutes, allowing you to make your own connections with people you choose.Other sites will completely limit your access to their user base and allow you to only contact users that they select as a compatible match. And even more sites will have unique date options that allow you to meet locals on dates of your choosing, or deciding!

Should you be a bit shy, then traditional dating sites may be preferred, however stepping out of your comfort zone may bring out a whole new side of you and help you find that special someone!

Understand All of the Costs

Almost all of the major online dating sites will charge a monthly fee. There are often free accounts, however accessing most of the basic features is next to impossible and the free accounts just give you a general idea of what to expect.

Free Trials

Before committing to a paid site, you should first try it out - There are many reputed sites which offers free trials. Additionally, you will find the best value in purchasing a whole year subscription, but if you decide to go monthly then double check that there are no automatically reoccurring fees on your card. Some of the top dating sites will offer specific guarantees to you however, stating that if you do not find someone special you get several months more free service.

Choose Reputable Sites

Choose a well-known and top rated dating site. These sites have the most users, and will have the best features, personality quizzes, and matching options. Additionally many of the most reputable dating sites will also have forums and chat rooms that can lead you to the love of your life where selected matches failed!

Many less reputed sites are often infamous for their fake profile database, scam users, poor service, bad billing practice and less opportunity. Try avoid them.

Try More Than One!

Putting all of your eggs in one basket often fails, so increase your chances of finding your true love by trying at least two dating sites, especially with those who offer free trial as there is nothing to loose. Here you can try different types of sites and see how compatible your matches and choices are. This will also increase the number of quality dates you go on and hopefully will help you find love and a lasting relationship!


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