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Protects Bank account, gives service warranty, excellent customer support and additional features, extensive 5 step protection service


Does not protect insurance related information and car’s license plate information.


One of the best available identity protection services available in the market today.

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With incidents of identity theft and credit scams on the rise, it has become extremely important to heavily guard your personal and credit related information. Though various security products are available these days, you should take a well thought decision while choosing an identity security product.  LifeLock may very well be the solution to all your security concerns.

LifeLock Products and Features

There are three main products that LifeLock has brought to customers- the Regular LifeLock protection, LifeLock Ultimate and LifeLock Junior. Also LifeLock has recently launched a mobile app called LifeLock Wallet with which you can keep digital copies of your cards and create backup for all important information and more.

Detection and Alerts

With LifeLock, you will get identity threat detection and alert facility. Whenever there is any suspicious activity regarding your personal information, you will be alerted. In case you lose your wallet with vital information like your credit/debit/ social security/ insurance cards, driving licenses etc. LifeLock will help you to replace the information and block the stolen ones. LifeLock regularly scans black market data theft sites. In case your information is found, it will alert you so that you can protect yourself. Your name will also be removed from open market mailing lists which is one the prime sources of identity theft.

The LifeLock Ultimate plan includes all of the above features along with some extra features.  The ultimate plan gives you additional safety by protecting your bank account details. It regularly scans bank account applications across the country to make sure no one can use your information to open a bank account. If there is any change in account information or a new name is being added to the list of account holders LifeLock will inform the customer to prevent any kind of fraud. Subscribers will get annual credit reports so that they are able to manage their credits better.

The LifeLock Junior service is specially made for the young ones in the family. A child’s clean credit record is very lucrative for identity thieves. They can use it to apply for loans and credit cards etc. Bring your child under the protection of LifeLock to keep safe his identity/ information. LifeLock will monitor a vast network to ensure a child’s information is not out in the open. File sharing websites are also watched so that personal information is not stolen while downloading music, video and any other content. The junior plan will also carry all the standard features.

How LifeLock keeps you Safe

LifeLock uses a unique five step method to keep its customer’s safe. These five steps are-  Scanning for threats , monitoring identity information, responding to threats, tracking credit score and guarantee for services.  This five step method covers all aspects of identity protection.

Additional Support

All LifeLock Plans come with a $ 1 million dollar service guarantee. If the information of an existing customer is lost, LifeLock will spend up to $ 1 million dollar to recover the damage, by hiring expert help (lawyers, consultants, investigators etc.) In addition you also get the benefit of insurance. Certain expenses are reimbursed through this insurance plan.

LifeLock customers receive 24 hour assistance through phone as well an online member portal. You can easily get in touch with expert professionals. They will help you with your queries and provide guidance in case any problem crops up.

Final Word

LifeLock is among the leading products in its segment. If you are a potential customer, seriously consider LifeLock as an option.

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