Identity Theft Protection Reviews & Comparisons 2014

It has become almost essential to use a good protection service these days if a person wants to protect himself from identity theft. There are many fraudsters who are eager to steal someone’s personal information/ credit information and use it for their interest. In order to stop them it is very important to choose a good identity theft protection product.

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ID Theft Protection Service - Buying Guide

There are several features that one needs to consider before opting for a theft protection service. Not just the technical features but areas like customer care and plan flexibility must be taken into account before making a purchase. This way the customer can be secured from all sides.

Black Market Monitoring

In the internet black market personal information is bought/ sold for illegal usage. A good identity protection service will regularly monitor these black market sites to make sure customer information is not circulated.

Credit Bureau Report

A person’s entire credit history/ report remain with the three major credit bureaus- Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. A theft protection service must offer the customer, regular access to his credit report from the three bureaus. This way the customer will be able to manage his credit better.

Quick Alert System

A good alert system is like the backbone of any good theft protection service. Whenever there is any suspicious activity regarding credit and/ or personal information, the customer is notified. This way any major damage can be averted. The more effective the alert system is, the more chance there is for the theft protection service to score points with buyers.

Wallet Theft Coverage

In case a customer loses his wallet with vital information (credit cards/driving license etc), the theft protection service will block the existing information from being misused. Then it helps in restoring the information so that the customer does not face problems.

Mobile Apps

These days people heavily depend on mobile phones/ computers. Theft protection services are coming up with useful mobile apps and software. From anti-virus protection to data backup, these modern tools can come real handy to a customer.

Service Protection

A buyer must check whether the service protects both his credit and personal information or any one of it. Some services will monitor both the credit and personal information to make sure they are not illegally used anywhere but some are very limited in their coverage. A good service will also keep track of public records to offer better protection.

Availability of Plans

Everyone has different needs. Companies will have different needs than an individual and so on. Therefore it is important that various plans are offered by service providers so that more and more people can subscribe to the benefits. A good theft protection service will offer plan flexibility.

Recovery Assistance

After identity theft it becomes very difficult to recover and restore lost data. Active assistance during this period is really appreciated by the customers. A good service will surely include recovery assistance in its features.

Warranty/ Insurance

What happens if an existing customer loses his personal information? A good protection service will include either theft insurance or service warranty for its customers.

Additional Benefits

To stay ahead of competition, different service providers offer different extra benefits to attract customers. This can include anything, from whole family protection to emergency cash assistance. Customer care facilities are also taken into account

There is no shortage of good products in the market. In the end it is up to the customer to decide which product suits him best by comparing the features. Customer preference and budget will ultimately decide which one to go for.









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