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Great home automation, affordable, several tools from different manufacturers, excellent customization level, 10-20% discount on insurance.


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An ideal option for all those who wish to customize their security system from scratch

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Unlike other home surveillance systems from other vendors that you can customize by adding additional devices, SafeMart sets itself apart by allowing you to develop your perfect system right from the ground level. Interestingly, you first choose a wireless or landline-based system followed by the purchase of the desired devices that are well suited for that system.

You can take advantage of expedient upgrades for employing automation and interactive monitoring. While the former automates the thermostat, the latter allows controlling the home automation system through mobile and online apps.

Like other security systems in the market, the SafeMart systems come with 24x7 professional monitoring that notifies the center to take the right step when an alarm rings. A two-way intercom allows communicating with the monitoring center via a control panel, not via a telephone.


The home security system of SafeMart is self-installable, which means it does not need the assistance of a technician. The direct advantage of this feature is that you can easily relocate the security system to a new site in case you change your home. It includes packing and reinstalling as well.

Security Devices

You can set up your security system by choosing different security devices on offer from diverse manufacturers. These devices include security cameras, smoke detectors, flood and fire sensors, and motion sensors. Unlike other brands that offer equipment from only one manufacturer, SafeMart offers equipment from different manufacturers such as Honeywell, Visonic, and General Electric.

The environmental sensors you can expect include freeze, heat, and glass-break sensors detecting the sound even at 30 feet away. For monitoring medical emergencies, the company provides key fobs and pendants on which pressing one button sends an alarm to the monitoring center for instant assistance. Apart from the truly operational security equipment, you can also add home automation tools such as diverse door locks, light dimmers, thermostats, and smart plugs.

Admiringly, a majority of these devices are wireless, which has two benefits: Easily installation without any kind of drilling and remote management. In case you wish wired devices in your low-speed Internet or mobile area, even they are reliable for an operational setup. For connecting to devices impeccably, most of the security devices use the Z-Wave technology.  


Other admirable features are the LiveWatch online portal and the Complete 2.0 Alarm Monitoring. Through these features, you can remotely control your locks, lights, or any other device or functionality of your home automation system. For this, you can use any of your mobile gadgets such as laptop.

Another appealing feature of SafeMart systems is a shorter contract than other systems. Most vendors offer their security systems at a contract of around three to five years. However, SafeMart allows for one to two year contract.


SafeMart renders an outstanding selection of devices as well as 24x7 monitoring services to protect you and your family from all threats.

Home Security Features

  • 100% Wireless  : Upgrade
  • 24/7 Monitoring  : Yes
  • Remote Monitoring  : No
  • Cellular / Internet  : Cellular
  • Interactive Monitoring  : No
  • Home Automation  : Upgrade
  • Health Monitoring  : No
  • Fire Protection  : Yes
  • Environmental Protection  : No
  • Intrusion Sensors  : No
  • Mobile Apps  : Yes
  • Support  : 3
  • Unique Features  : None
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