Home Security Systems Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Home security systems let you secure and securely manage your home remotely. Many of these systems nowadays offers control panel, mobile apps, touch screen based control and much more to make it even more convenient to secure home. Below are some of the leading home security systems available today to choose.

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Product Name FrontPoint Security Protect America ADT Vivint LifeShield Protection 1 SafeMart Pinnacle Security Monitronics
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Pricing US$ 34.99 US$ 19.99 US$ 42.99 US$ 49.99 US$ 29.99 US$ 39.99 US$ 29.95 US$ 49.99 US$ 34.95
Home Security Features
Interactive Monitoring Upgrade Upgrade Limited No Yes No No No No
Home Automation Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade No Yes Upgrade No Upgrade
Health Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Upgrade Yes No No Yes Yes
Fire Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Protection Yes Upgrade Yes Upgrade No Yes No Yes Yes
Intrusion Sensors Yes No Yes Yes No No No No No
100% Wireless Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Upgrade Yes Optional
24/7 Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Monitoring Upgrade Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited No No Upgrade
Cellular / Internet Yes Yes Yes No No No Cellular Upgrade No
Unique Features Many Many Many Many Many Many None Yes None
Support 3 3 3 Phone 3 3 3 2 Phone
Mobile Apps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

Points to Consider while Buying a Home Security System

Have you moved to a new residential area and wish to ensure home safety? Whether yes or no, it is extremely vital to keep your home and your family safe these days. As a fact, home crimes such as burglaries can happen anywhere no matter how posh your neighborhood is. Further, uncertainties and emergencies are some more risks, existing in the form of fire or flood hazards, carbon dioxide poisoning in air, or a sudden heart attack.

In order to keep these threats at bay by getting instant help, you need a comprehensive home security system. Such a system has several security sensors and help buttons to make you alert of an unfavorable event occurring in your home even when you are far away. It even notifies the concerned authorities such as doctors or fire brigade to take care of the condition.

When you choose from several such security systems, it is vital to know that there is no single system out there to fulfill the security needs of everyone. After all, not all homes are of equal size and amenities. Therefore, you need to look for features in different systems, which can fulfill your security needs. Here are some points or features to look for in your home security system in order to make a beneficial choice.

Monitoring Services

These involve diverse monitoring capabilities that are contracted when you buy the system. You will usually find 24x7 monitoring for fire, police, flood, heat, medical, and environmental help; all of which can be essential for ensuring comprehensive home safety.

While a few companies outsource their monitoring, others facilitate the same in-house. Further, you can monitor through an online account or a device-based control panel. The former enables you to have a remote control from your tablet or smartphone. Moreover, there can also be a two-way intercom facility to communicate with the company’s professional via an installed control panel.

Diverse Security Devices

This is another feature to look for, while buying your security system. Sensors and detectors delineate the equipment set in the system. You can expect carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, door and window sensors, image sensors, and motion detectors. However, a comprehensive security system will also come with flood detectors, glass break detectors, recessed door sensors, and heat sensors.

Further, you can even add different types of wireless or wired cameras for surveillance easily. Most systems offer fixed video cameras to stream a live video feed into a computing device. However, for those looking for diverse cameras, they can expect pan-and-tilt and outdoor cameras for recording triggered events. As a tip, look for a brand that does not charge you an upfront equipment cost.

Home Automation Options

These options allow you to control the home items via the security system, such as thermostats, lights, and appliances by using a mobile device anywhere and at anytime. An ideal automation system also comes with the ability to activate and deactivate the system as well as manage electronic door locks. Authorizing the homeowner to control almost all facets of the home is the hallmark of a creative security system. However, you may or may not need these capabilities. Usually, they are for those who wish to live a modern lifestyle with the advanced technology.

Latest Control Equipment

This includes the panels and devices controlling the security system on the site. Most systems will have a panic button and key remotes but the latest systems come with touch-screen panels, medical pendants, and two-way intercoms. It is advisable not to compromise with this equipment for foolproof security.









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