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Comfortable and easy to use, smart alarm system enhances the right amount of sleep, idle alert eliminates long hours of inactivity, automatic summary of activities, food intake and sleep duration.


Not ideal for swimming or other such activities, incompatible with any other system other than iOS system, excessive bending might cause damage.


UP24 wristband can be sad to be quite beneficial for all those people out there who crave a healthy life by monitoring their sleep, food and activity patterns.

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Introduced by Jawbone, the UP24 wristband is one of the many activity trackers on the block that takes a comprehensive approach towards ensuring a healthy life. This wristband tracks the physical activity and sleep using motion sensor technology. It tracks and displays the number of steps, distance covered during running or walking, calories burned active time vs idle time and the like with respect to age, gender, height, weight, intensity of activity and duration of the same.


  • Insight Engine-This feature allows users to work out patterns and connections between regular activities so that they are able to device the next movement accordingly.
  • Log Workouts of All Kinds- This feature of UP24 allows users to keep a track of the calories that they have burned, intensity of the activities and the like.
  • Food, Drink and Sleep Tracking- This feature lets users to keep track of the food and drink that they are partaking. All they need to do is enter the barcode. The UP24 also allows user to keep record of the number of hours that they have slept- whether the sleep was a restful or had a lot of wakeful moments.
  • Smart Alarm and Power Nap- The smart alarm feature in UP24 vibrates and wakes up the user at the moment when they have had optimal sleep so that they are absolutely refreshed. This means that risk of oversleeping gets effectively eliminated.
  • Customizable Idle Alert- The idle alert feature of the product notifies the user if they have been inactive or ideal for too long. This allows the user to engage in certain physical activities to make up for the lost time.
  • Sync- This feature allows the user to connect the wristband to the smartphone via Simple Sync or Bluetooth.
  • Mood Tracking- This feature of UP24 allows users to keep record of how they feel or what mood they are in as a result of the activities.

UP Vs UP24- A Comparison

While the UP24 is somewhat of a more expensive successor to UP, the former does provide daily reminders for workouts along with the number of steps covered, customised idle alert and log workouts. The sync options also differ a bit with UP being capable of establishing sync with a 3.5mm headphone port and UP24 sync criteria being wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

Battery Life

The UP24 tracking device from Jawbone has a renewable battery life of 7 days. The user is free to wear it throughout the entire day and night only charging it once a week via 2.5mm jack USB.


Making use of superior motion sensor technology and powerful algorithms to track and measure the number of steps, distance covered, calories burned, active time vs ideal time, the device sure is efficient. Users can obtain assessments based on their individual age, gender, height, weight and the like. The device tracks sleep and monitors even the smallest of movements by means of actigraphy regardless of the user being awake or asleep.


The UP24 tracking device from Jawbone keeps track of the movement and sleep of the user for about 90 days. The user can access records pertaining to the intensity of the activity, number of steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and the like for up to 90 days.

In Conclusion

Brought to the fore by Jawbone, UP24 has been devised to track movement and sleep of a particular individual in order to lead a healthy life.

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