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Wireless syncing with many devices, motivation notifications, achievement badges, possibility to challenge friends, syncs with other fitness and weight loss platforms


Higher than average price


Suitable for anyone who want to keep their daily fitness levels up and track their progress over time without complicated and difficult to use devices.

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FitBit Flex gives all the tools and the motivation needed for the user to stay active and improve their fitness day by day. This wristband keeps real time stats of the distance travelled, the number of steps, calorie burn, climbed stairs and records how many minutes the user was active throughout the day. At night, it tracks sleep hours, counts how many times the user wakes up and comes with a silent vibrating alarm.


FitBit Flex comes with an OLED display to give the user access to real time stats and keep him motivated. It tracks steps taken, distance travelled, active minutes, quality of sleep, time, stairs climbed, calories burned, hours slept. Additionally, it has a silent wake alarm and the manufacturer promises to include call notifications soon.


This wristband doesn't require any wires as it syncs to any device wirelessly. The makers claim it is the only tracker that can sync automatically through bluetooth 4.0 while staying in the background. It is possible to sync it with an iPhone, computer (both Mac and Windows) and most Android devices. With Android phones where NFC is enabled, a simple tap on the device launches the application on the phone.

It is possible to sync FitBit with several popular fitness and health platforms, including Lose It, Run Keeper, My Fitness Pal and others.


It doesn't matter whether stats are checked online on a computer or through a mobile app, the progress is always available in real time. Clear to understand charts and graphs show progress on a given day an over time.

Mobile and online tools let the user set goals using the dashboard, it is possible to set motivation alarms to keep going. For example, the device reminds the owner of how many steps there are left to complete the goal or how many more miles is needed to get an accomplishment badge.

Tracking Sleep

Unlike some other similar wristbands, FitBit Flex tracks sleep. Just by wearing it overnight it is possible to see how well and long the user has slept. It tracks hours of sleep and counts all the times he wakes up.

By checking online stats, sleep patterns can be seen, this enables the user to know if he gets enough sleep and if he tends to wake up frequently at night. The stats give a good base for making adjustments to improve sleep and get a better rest.

In the morning, FitBit uses its Silent Wake technology, which means that the user is woken by a vibrating alarm which will not disturb his partner.

Social Tools

The tracker can connect with friends or family members. It's possible to challenge friends, send direct messages and enjoy a little competition. Checking each others progress and seeing who can reach the top of the leaderboard can be done thorough the dashboard.

FitBit Flex helps keep motivation up by giving daily and lifetime achievements for reached distance, number of steps or for climbing the stairs.


FitBit Flex is a fitness tracker in the form of a comfortable wristband. It has many features and tools to keep the user informed about real time progress as well as progress over time. Since it syncs well with most devices, it is easy and comfortable to use. The only downside is that it's not the most affordable of its kind.

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