Fitness Trackers Reviews & Comparisons 2014

Fitness is the new mantra of the decade. Staying hale and hearty has always been one of the basic objectives of man’s life. Here are some popular fitness and activity trackers which you can compare and find the suitable one for you.

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Buying Guide for a Physical Activity Tracker

In the present scenario, man needs to pursue rigorous work out sessions in order to stay fit, something not really possible with the fast-paced modern life. It is here that activity trackers and heart rate monitors come into play, helping people how much physical activity they need to go through in order to stay fit.

Things to Keep In Mind When Purchasing A Physical Activity Tracker

Battery Life and Charging Flexibility

Since, the modern life is always on the move, it is the best if people deduce how much time they can spare for charging the physical activity tracking device. The physical activity tracking devices available on the block take around 90 minutes to renew the battery completely and the battery life of these tracking devices range between 7 to 10 days. Hence, it would be prudent if people check these aspects before they pitch in their money.


If your workout schedule largely includes water activities like swimming, water aerobics and the like, it is best to opt for a tracking device that is water resistant. Most of the available physical activity tracking devices monitor the intensity of the activities throughout the day and its affect on the physiology. It wouldn’t really do to opt for a device that cannot keep record of the physical activities involving water. Therefore, users should make sure that they consider this point before they invest into a device.

System Requirements

Each and every physical tracking device has unique system requirements and compatibility features. The Polar Lop, for instance, is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 and Vista while Jawbone’s UP24 is compatible with the iOS system. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you can meet the system requirements for the proper functioning of the device before investing into one.


Since the activities of the present day requires one to be on the move constantly, false steps are not really out of the way. Users should ascertain that the device that they have opted for is designed in a way so that they are able to identify and drop such false steps.

Automatic Tracking

From automatically calculating the steps and the distance covered during jogging or walking or even running, the devices should be able to help you find out your heart rate and the calories that you have burnt throughout the day and the night. An entire day’s activity is taken into consideration to calculate the calorie that is burnt. It is, therefore, important for the device to have automatic dynamic distance-calculating algorithm to calculate the distance covered by the user.

Appearance and Durability

The physical activity tracking devices are generally meant to be worn throughout the day and night for the perfect activity and sleep assessment. Hence, users should always opt for a tracking device that is not only comfortable and does not look out of place. You will find that certain devices look exactly like a digital clock, while others resemble a band. Users, therefore, need to take this aspect into consideration before settling upon a choice.


The physical activity tracking device has been designed to allow people to keep a tab on their physical activities, sleep duration, the quality of sleep, calories burnt and the like. The device is kind of indispensable for people who have the objective of a fit physiology in mind. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the device that you have opted for comes with a minimum warranty period of 1 year.









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