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Custom flavors. Authentic rich flavors, several kits 30 days money back guarantee, lifetime warranty on all electronic components.


Rarely any.


A good product with ample choice to suit the needs of even the most notorious smoker.

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Every smoker knows that a pack of real cigarettes will set you back between $5 and $15, however, switching to V2 Cigs would mean reducing this amount up to 75 percent, while it is healthier and non-smokers in your surroundings would very much appreciate it without a doubt as well.

E-Cigarette Flavors

One V2 flavor cartridge will last as long as twenty to thirty real cigarettes, depending on how deep you inhale. It comes with no less then four nicotine level settings, so finding the level that meets your requirements will be a snap. With twelve flavors to choose from, finding the one that matches your brand of regular cigarettes won't be hard to do as well. An additional benefit is the fact that when you are done smoking there are no buds to dispose of so filled up ashtrays will become a thing of the past.


With the V2Cigs there is no risk of causing a fire and also it produces no ash and since electronic cigarettes do not emit any odor there won't be that typical tobacco smell. Basically the V2Cigs will allow you to smoke anywhere you want without having to step outside or run the risk of offending non-smokers. You can even use the V2Cigs in non-smokers' areas, like bars, restaurants and airports. Imagine a home, car and office free from the smell of tobacco.

V2 Cigs discloses what ingredients are used and publishes the batch testing results, so customers know precisely what they are inhaling.

The company also rewards you for introducing new clients through their Smoke4free rewards program, that can earn you substantial discounts and other benefits, like additional merchandise and all this for just recommending the product to friends, acquaintances and family.

E-Cigarette Kits

V2 Cigs are sent in a stylish blue and white box and are complete with batteries, chargers and cartridges. All contents of the box are packed in foil in order to ensure a fresh product. The V2 E-Liquid itself comes in a child proof bottle to ensure safety and keep the liquid out of the wrong hands. There are six varieties of the V2 Cigs, each one tailored to suit another smoking style. In short, there is a V2Cig for every type of smoker.

V2Cigs Pricing & Options

V2 Beginners Kit
For the Beginners
$36.27 / Kit
  • 1 Battery
  • 6 Flavour Cartridges
  • 1 Express Charger
  • -
  • -
V2 Standard Kit
For Regular Users
$62.22 / Kit
  • 2 Batteries
  • 10 Flavour Cartridges
  • 1 Smart Charger
  • -
  • -
V2 Ultimate Kit
With All Gadgets
$155.62 / Kit
  • 3 Batteries
  • 25 Flavour Cartridges
  • Smart + Car Chargers (1)
  • Wall Adapters + Power Cig
  • Metal Carry Case + lanyard

Electronic Cigarette Features

  • Support  : 4
  • Tobacco Flavors  : 3
  • Kit Choices  : 6
  • Puffs  : 300+
  • Special Features  : Many
  • Free Shipping  : Yes
  • Warranty  : Lifetime
  • MoneyBack Guarantee  : 30 Days
  • Fruit Flavors  : 3
  • Mint Flavors  : 3
  • Battery Life  : 300+
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Official Website $34.95 View Website

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Reviewed by SmokerDan on 2014-02-09 23:32:30

I have ordered a few e-cigs and a few cartridges from them in the past. They have always arrived quickly and perfectly as they were described. Love these guys, I always order my smoker supplies from them!




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