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Impressive battery life, high quality flavors, exceptional two year warranty.


None we could find.


One of the best e-cigarettes out there today.

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Halo sells american made e-cigs and the company has been committed to supplying its customers with the ultimate alternative smoking experience. The e-cigarettes manufactured by Halo offer a wide variety of settings in terms of nicotine levels, offer several flavors to choose from and impressive battery performance.

E-Cig Cartridges

The cartridges used for the e-cigarette last quite long compared with those of other brands. With over eighteen hours of smoking pleasure and on average approximately 400 puffs in a cartridge their e-cigarette ranks amongst the top in their field.


Halo offers smokers the choice out of 17 flavors, which is less than some other brands offer, but quality wise they are in a league of their own. The e-liquid used by Halo is simply superb, creating exactly the right balance between weight and heat, creating an identical experience smokers enjoy when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Every flavor comes with its own distinct taste and offers a satisfying experience for smokers.


Various options in Halo's G6 E-Cigarette Starter Kits includes Jet Black, Midnight Blue, Demon Red and many others.

The e-cigarettes from Halo stand out because of the exceptionally long lasting batteries and the smoking kits are quite complete, even a USB battery charger comes included, while most other brands of e-cigarettes force you to use the USB sockets from a computer of mobile device direct, which is often quite inconvenient. Halo gives you the choice how to charge the battery which is yet another display of the fact that Halo truly has its customers in mind when it introduces products to the market.


Optionally Halo offers a three-pronged charger which is extremely convenient when you own more then one e-cigarette. Another great asset is the so called variety kit which offers every method of charging the battery that you can possibly think of.


Halo offers 30 days money back guarantee for all its products except e-liquids. A broken e-cigarette can be exchanged for a new one up to two years after purchasing it. Besides this amazing warranty, there is a 30 day money back guarantee for users who are not completely satisfied after purchasing the e-cigarette.


In conclusion, we were not able to see any downsides from using the Halo e-cigarette; every aspect of it is well within quality standards smokers have come to expect from e-cigarettes and on many levels Halo surpasses them with ease.

Electronic Cigarette Features

  • Support  : 2
  • Tobacco Flavors  : 12
  • Kit Choices  : 9
  • Puffs  : 200 - 300
  • Special Features  : Yes
  • Free Shipping  : Yes
  • Warranty  : Limited
  • MoneyBack Guarantee  : 30 Days
  • Fruit Flavors  : 2
  • Mint Flavors  : 4
  • Battery Life  : 300+
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