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Affordable, large selection of flavors.


Flavors are lacking quality wise.


A decent choice of e-cigarettes at an affordable price.

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When you are on the market for a new brand of e-cigarette, it's hard to get around Choice 7's. The question is whether or not we are dealing with an exceptionally popular product, or a cleverly hyped up marketing scheme.


As stated the e-cigarettes from Choice 7's are quite affordable and they seem to have an e-cigarette for any budget. From the start it is clear that Choice 7's caters to both sides of the market: High end and low end. This strategy appears to be working well, because even though Choice 7's is a relatively new player on the e-cigarette market they are acquiring a considerable market share at rapid clip.

Kit Features

Just like most other e-cigarettes out there on the market, the ones from Choice 7's also come with an atomizer pre-installed in their cartridges. They also implement a liquid nicotine solution, using custom seals in order to prevent leakage. An atomizer provides a fresh session every time the e-cigarette is used, ensuring the best possible smoking experience.


The e-liquids used by Choice 7's are stored in bottles manufactured out of blue glass, which is remarkable because most other brands use simple plastic bottles for storing the e-liquid. By using glass for storing the e-liquid, the shelf life of the liquid is increased significantly and it also makes the bottles hard to miss or mistake for something else.

Variety of Flavors

Choice 7's offers a wide variety of flavors. The most popular ones are: menthol, tobacco, vanilla, mocha, apple, grape, strawberry and much more. However, we found the quality of the flavors lacking compared to those from other brands. Also, it should be noted that Choice 7's offers various nicotine level settings, but using special flavors will limit the smoker to only two different settings.

Compared to other e-cigarette brands, Choice 7's offers a truly large variety of flavors which is a plus even if they can't compete with other brands, like South Beach Smoke or Green Smoke quality wise.


In conclusion, the e-cigarettes from Choice 7's are a decent choice at an affordable price. It appears many smokers are currently considering to make the switch to Choice 7's e-cigarette, because at face value the brand appears to offer a lot more than most other brands and at attractive prices as well.

Choice 7's Pricing & Options

One Kit
For Beginers
$29.95 /Kit
  • 1 Rechargable Battery
  • 180 mAh LED Battery
  • 2 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 USB Charger
Stealth Kit
For Regular Users
$54.95 /Kit
  • 1 Rechargable Battery
  • 180 mAh LED Battery
  • 6 Flavor Cartridges
  • 1 USB Charger
Hybrid Kit
With Refillable Hybrid Cartridge
$79.95 /Kit
  • 2 Hybrid Batteries
  • 650 mAh LED Battery
  • 2 E-Liquid Bottles
  • 1 USB Cable

Electronic Cigarette Features

  • Support  : 2
  • Tobacco Flavors  : 1
  • Kit Choices  : 8
  • Puffs  : Varies
  • Special Features  : Many
  • Free Shipping  : No
  • Warranty  : Limited
  • MoneyBack Guarantee  : 30 Days
  • Fruit Flavors  : 6
  • Mint Flavors  : 1
  • Battery Life  : 300+
Merchant Price  
Official Website $34.99 View Website

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