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When buying a DVD creator software there are many things to consider. The software can serve as the perfect solution when wanting to preserve memories. That is why it is important to know what features will help you create unique videos, that will last a lifetime. Below are some leading DVD Creator software compared to give you idea of what is the best.

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DVD Creator Software Buying Guide

Although, most of the softwares come with standard features, there are many things that need to be compared before making a final decision. This is a list of features that you should consider when comparing DVD creator software.

Importing and Exporting

The first thing you should consider when looking at DVD creator software, is its ability to work with all different types of media formats. There are so many mobile devices that take pictures and videos, and you will want to get a software that is compatible with them so you can use all your multimedia.

It is equally important that your software can work with a variety of exporting formats as well. This will allow you to share videos and photos on your social media outlets, as well as your mobile devices, like iPads, iPods, and smart phones.

A good software will work with SD, Audio, Image formats, and HD imports formats. It will also be able to export to DVD Disc, DVD folder, ISO image files. Having a large variety of format capabilities, will give you the freedom you need to use video and photos that are saved as a variety of formats, and allow you to share your creations on all your favorite devices.

Editing Tools

When creating a DVD, it is essential that the software is packed with editing tools. This will allow you to take your ordinary video and turn it into extraordinary. Not only will it really make a video come to life, it will also help ensure output quality. Do not compare DVD softwares and expect them to have all the editing tools available. You should look for a software that has the tools that will help you make a quality DVD. Being able to fix a photograph or video can really make all the difference in the quality of the outcome.

Standard editing tools include cropping, rotating,trimming frames, and adjusting color balance and tone.

Effects and Music

Not all DVD creator softwares come with effects, but this is a really nice tool to have when wanting to take your videos to the next level. Being able to add in background music, and add effects to a video can really make your DVD standout. Just take special note of the softwares that do come with these features because it could help you make your decision on which software to choose. Pay special attention to the quality of the effects so you make sure that it will provide results that are stunning.

DVD Menus

The ability to customize menus is something that is nice to look for in a DVD creator software, because this will give your DVD a personalized touch. Also, look to see if the software offers free templates that are customizable. This will help you get started, and all you will have to do, is add some special touches to the menu. Believe it or not, a DVD menu can really help your video shine.


When comparing a DVD creator software, it is important that the software has the ability to preview videos before burning them to a DVD. This will help you know which parts to edit before creating the DVD. A software that has a preview will help you ensure that all your DVD’s are high quality and ready to share with family and friends. Nothing is more frustrating than spending time creating a DVD, popping it into your player, and then finding out it needs more editing. A previewing tool will help avoid these types of problems.

Previewing a video before burning it to DVD will save both time and frustration.

When looking for a DVD creator software, these are the features you want the software to have. You will know you are buying a software that is high quality if all these features are included.









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