DVD Copy Software Reviews & Comparisons 2014

One of the ways to anytime entertainment is to set up a row of audio and video DVDs that make up a small but attractive cabinet. As a fact, your collection of DVD is much like an asset that needs to be insured by taking backups. Chances are high for any disc to get damaged. Further, it is also possible that a taken DVD may never be able to stay with you forever.

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DVD Copy Software Features
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Remove protections Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Burn DVDs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Merge Files Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Decryption Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Input Formats 3 4 Many 3 Many 3 3 DVDs 3
Output Formats 8 8 Many 3 Many 3 3 DVDs 3

Features to Consider while Buying a DVD Copy Software

These are some reasons why you need to clone or back up a beloved DVD of yours. That’s precisely why you will look for a DVD copy software application.

Such applications are capable of offering a variety of functions, such as burning, ripping, and converting DVDs. Because of a myriad of such tools in the market, it might become a bit overwhelming for you to identify the most suitable one as per your needs. Therefore, here are some features that you must look for, to ensure that you do not get disappointed later on.

Support for Maximum File Formats and DVD Types

There will be hardly anybody these days who would be working with only some formats and DVD types. In fact, nowadays the craze is for Blu-ray discs and DVD data conversion into any possible format. That’s why it is wise to look for a DVD copy tool that can work with a variety of media and file formats. An ideal DVD copy tool burns to a myriad of disc types, such as CDs, Blu-rays, hard drive, and DVD +/-RW, +/-R DL, and +/-R. Further, it supports multimedia files such as videos, home movies, audio files, and slide shows so that you can burn them to a DVD.

In addition, you can convert a DVD into several formats so that multimedia content can be played on portable devices such as iPod and PSP. Therefore, the tool must also support conversion formats such as AVI, MPEG, 3GP, PSP, and WMV.

Support for Multiple Input Sources

One of the main features of a DVD copy tool is to accept different content from different sources for burning or ripping. Usually, it is not always a case wherein you need to copy a DVD from a DVD only. In fact, many a times, you simply wish to write a streaming online video to a DVD. Therefore, your copy tool should be such that it can allow you to rip or burn content from different sources such as Internet, smartphone, and iPad.

Built-in Protection Removal Mechanism

It is known that many movie DVDs come with protection schemes such as regional codes, UOPs, and more. This can impede cloning or copying. Therefore, an ideal DVD copy tool should be able to remove or bypass these protection mechanisms without any third-party help. In case the tool does not, it simply makes no sense in having it; as such a tool is then only good for copying home-made movies.

Operating System Compatibility

If you are working on several operating system versions of Windows, it is wise to invest in a single tool that can work on all of these platforms. Therefore, ensure that the tool is compatible with all Windows versions.









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