WinZip® Driver Updater Review


Quick in scanning your PC for out-dated drivers on an on-going basis, Automatically locates and downloads device drivers for you, Makes back-ups automatically.


Sometimes misses an appropriate driver and can cause a system boot-up failure, Has a track-record of not finding out-dated drivers sometime on your system correctly.


A driver updating tool from leading file archiver and compressor software WinZip®.

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Even with the worrying cons, this software actually makes fewer mistakes than other Driver Updater software. It’s not at the top in accuracy with scanning though but it has the quickest scan time of 30 seconds. Most of the drivers it recognizes are Dell and Intel. It also creates back-up of everything it does automatically so it’s a one-click job to undo what the software has done for you.

On the point of boot-up failures, WinZip Driver Updater has a back-up database of the past drivers which makes the error easy to fix. This even works if you don’t like the current downloaded driver for some reasons, like a change in the color of the screen or making noise instead of clear sound etc. Some less dependent hardware, like the sound card, your monitor or a PCI slot card, don’t cause boot-up failures but instead stop working. If this happens, just roll-back the driver for that hardware part.

But still, errors and mistakes like these will actually make you to manually search, download and install drivers since WinZip Driver Updater can’t do its job correctly. On a way, it makes the software useless or broken (~50% accurate) for something you paid $29.95.

It is also annoying and worrying when the software doesn’t give you the actual location from where the drivers are being downloaded from. For some clients, like corporations, businesses, agencies etc. who depend on security and sensible information; this missed feature can cause a lot more problems than it solved and could create a feel of insecurity.

It's in the "average" place for driver download speeds, which takes from a few seconds to a dozen minutes, depending on your connection speed, busyness of the server and file size.

Bottom Line:

So, yes, it is missing some very important features and has gaps in some functions it does, but it’s still a quality driver updating software. It has a quick scan time, average accuracy and back-ups in case something goes wrong.

Driver Updater Features

  • Backup / Restore  : Yes
  • Driver Database  : -
  • Free Scan  : Yes

General Information

  • Special Features  : -
  • Supported OS(es)  : 4
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